Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Mary likes to encourage us to record those cute things our kids say. If you want to see what other kids are saying, go to Not Before 7 and visit the links.


Megan (5) is a bit of a drama queen. She often picks up little sayings she's heard on movies, or from who knows where.

Lately, when speaking to someone and wanting their full attention, she will walk up, hold their face in her hands, and say "my darling, listen to me."

Her newest exclamation is, "oh my goodness to glory!"

No idea where she comes up with this stuff!


We have two wonderful childcare providers, who are both adult women. One of them is expecting - twins! The kids have all been quite thrilled to discover this.

Abbey (6) was informing us that C is "getting two babies." So Pat asked, "where's she getting them from?" (Smart alec.)

Abbey says, "in her tummy," with a 'duh, you should know this' tone in her voice.

Shea (3) pipes in, "No, I think it's from her mouth."

Killing. Me. With. Laughter.


  1. hehe totally loving these stories! Oh my goodness to glory! hahahaha

  2. I love the ideas of where babies come from. They are soooo original and funny. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love it.... thanks for sharing....LOL....

    hey I have a present for you over at SPOTLIS... don't forget to go over there and pick it up.....

  4. Oh yes, I've heard those before. When preggo with #3, #1 asked if it would come out of my mouth. (gagging) Recently #3 asked where she can get a baby. She is only 3 so we are not ready for that talk.

    "My darling, listen to me." ROFL Priceless!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Oh my - from her mouth...LOL!

    I love these. My little gals have some drama going on too - so cute when they pick up those phrases that we use ;)


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