Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I've got nothing profound for today, just an odd thought that's been bugging me.

Today, I am 31. (Don't feel obligated to comment today and send birthday wishes. No, really. It's okay. I'm not an affirmation junkie. I totally understand - you're busy. It's all good. Well, okay, if you insist!)


Thirty-one is different than 30. Everyone asked me how I felt when I turned 30 - Was it sad? Did I feel old(er)? How did I feel about people using feline names to describe me?

It was nothing. Just like any other birthday.

In fact, I kind-of enjoyed being able to say "I'm thirty." Finally, it seemed, I wasn't getting the shocked response relating the number of kids, my age, and how young I must have been when we started. Thirty was great!

Thirty-one, though, is OVER thirty. Now people will say, "she's thirty-something" about me - which could lead others to believe I'm (gasp) 35, or even older! This birthday has aged me. I now feel, well, over 30.

The mind is a funny thing, eh?


  1. Happy Happy Birthday to you! Happy Happy Birthday to you! Happy Happy Birthday dear Tyler, Happy Happy Birthday to you!

    I'm 31 and 1/2 right now. It's not so bad. I just figure I'm getting wiser with age, so I might actually be productive by the time I reach 40? Anywho, welcome to the over-thirties! ;)

  2. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you have a fantastic day!

  3. That's funny, exactly how I felt when I turned 31! Happy VERY EARLY thirties, Tyler:)

  4. Happy Birthday Tyler....
    ok so 31?? and your feeling old??? Oh my... well just think of me....hahaha.... in four months I am going to be the BIG 4-0.... yikes....did I just admit that??? Now not sure how that will sound when someone asks how old I am and I have to say forty!!!! AGHHHHHHHHHH!!!
    Hope you have a fabulous day

  5. Happy Birthday!!

    3o something is a wonderful time, so much better than 20's. You have left all the foolishness of your
    20's behind and are so productive and focused. It will be a wonderful period for you.

    Turning another year older is better than the alternative.

  6. Oh...your way too funny...I just might think that your getting funnier with age?!

    Happy Birthday girl!
    Cause no matter how old you get your still a girl and the word "girl" sound young ...doesn't it?

    Plus you know what they say about age...we get smarter and smarter...more self assured's to 50 ( for me)lol!

    Love ya!

  7. Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I took a journey over from Lysa TeKeurst's blog when I saw that you were a fellow Canadian! It's rare when I find other Canadian's in blog world!

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday. Thirty-One is young...take it from someone older :o)


  8. A late Happy Birthday!!

    29 was my trauma year. I was no longer going to be twenty something and what had I accomplished and where was I going - gaah!!! Thirty was a breeze. I think I spent the day cleaning closets :o)

  9. Happy (Belated) Birthday! You are young! I am 32 and have 4 boys and (luckily) people still look at me and then look at my kids and say how young I am! Bless them! Are you at least younger then your husband? I am 3 1/2 years younger then mine, when he was a senior in high school I was in 8th grade... hahaha! (we didn't know each other then, nothing creapy..). But that is always my claim, at least he is older!!!

    Hope you had a great day!


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