Thursday, January 15, 2009

Life, Interrupted

In the shadow of the wintry morning I sit, waiting.

Children, out long past the sun, continue in their slumber.

I feel it rise up in me - the impatience. We must move! Go! Hurry! Get there! There is work to be done. Ministry. School. Errands.

I resist the urge to awaken Sleeping Beauty and her brother. This rest is needed. For them. For me.

In the frantic of this life, God interrupts. Rest, He whispers. Be still, and know that I am God.

I struggle against the rest, like an angry child pushes away from her mother's embrace. Like the child, I come to the crossroads, the decision point - pull away, run away, ignore the warm comfort or release a shuddering breath and sink into mother's arms.

One last thrash of resistance. Then release. Sweet rest. Life, interrupted.

Thank-you, Lord, that you love enough to intervene in my chaos, stop me in my tracks, and return my gaze to Your face.


  1. How beautiful . . . you always seem to know where I am at in my day.

  2. We have been taking our time waking up too. The house is clean and we homeschool and dh works 2nd shift. We aren't involved in a bunch of activities so things are pretty calm. The simpler the better.


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