Speaking Topics

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Tyler's Top Three:

Mommy, why are you Angry?

Do you love your children passionately and yet wonder why you feel frustrated, overreact, yell, and end your days guilt-ridden for how you parent? While few of us want to admit it, many women struggle with anger towards our children, or other loved ones, to some degree. Mother anger is not an isolated experience. You are not alone!

Through her raw and real testimony, Tyler will share her journey towards breaking free from anger for good. While Tyler's testimony and experience relate primarily to the issue of mother anger, the principles she shares are also applicable to women who struggle with anger in a broad range of life stages. With a Christ-centred and practical approach, Tyler will share strategies – both spiritual and applicable to day-to-day life - that will help other women who share her struggle to experience freedom from anger, and thus become the women God intended them to be.

Women's Ministry that Wins!

Wondering how to get your ministry started? Or maybe it just needs a little revival? Can't seem to find or keep volunteers for the long haul? Have vision and passion that you desperately desire to pass on to the women around you? With a custom-message tailored for your ministry's specific needs, Tyler will help you bring your ministry to a new level, making it a women's ministry that wins!

Topics include: how to's (retreat/event/Bible study planning), establishing the heart of your ministry, volunteer recruiting, how to build a team that grows strong and lasts long, leading small groups, bringing prayer to the forefront, and more.

Rebuilding your Marriage from Rubble.

Are you tired of being unhappy? Do you feel unloved, neglected, ignored? Is divorce beginning to look like the only option? It really does just take one willing heart to change a marriage forever! Are you willing??? In this session, Tyler will show wives the secrets buried in Scripture that will teach them all they need to know to put their marriage back on the right track.

Other speaking topics (session descriptions coming soon):

Sex, Lies, and True Love (a special message for teens)

Tithers are Recession-Proof.

Special Kids are Given to Special Moms.

Prayer that Works!

You are Beautiful!

* custom message for your event

If you'd like to hear a few samples of Tyler's speaking, please check her out on youtube.