Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The God Chronicles - 01/20/09

Nearly two years ago, I was burgeoning under the weight of carrying my fifth blessing in my womb. Ahem, I realize there are some of you doing the math - Malakai is 16 months old, 20-some-odd months ago I was probably only 5 months along. You go ahead and do it a few times, then you'll realize that the burgeoning phase begins earlier each time. Back to the story...

At our women's time out event (which has saved my life almost every Wednesday morning for the past five years), we participate in "Secret Sisters." The basic idea is this - draw a name, bless the girl who's name you drew, pray for her, encourage her...anonymously.

I was sitting at a table with my coffee (no lectures about pregnancy and caffeine, thankyouverymuch) and having a little bit of a pout fest. You see, Mother's Day was coming up, and I desperately wanted to be spoiled with a spa day pedicure. Since one of my jobs in our family is to track the finances, I was well aware that my wish would not be coming true.

The guest speaker began, so I stopped whining and temporarily forgot about my woes.

A while later, one of the girls running the SS program brought me a gift bag. Yay! I loved getting stuff from my Secret Sister - she was awesome! I began digging through and found a wonderful little "pregnancy relaxer kit," as I fondly call it - herbal tea, aromatherapy candles, bubble bath, lotion, and a card.

I opened the card, and a paper fell out onto the table. My girlfriend scooped it up, looked at it, smirked, and handed it to me. A gift certificate for a pedicure. I burst into tears - not the sweet, adorable tears; more like the hiccuping, snot dripping kind. (I don't think I ever did read what was written in the card.)

God knew the desire of my heart, and knew that it wasn't within my means to pursue it, so He found another way. My Secret Sister was beyond generous (pedicures are darn expensive). I was so blessed. And there was no doubt in my mind that God had provided.

Delight yourself in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart. ~Psalm 37:4

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  1. I love that little story! God is so sweet like that to give a pregnant pouty girl a pedicure- FREE! I love SS program! We have one in Sunday School! It is so fun.

    I used Mr Linky but I think I linked wrong (to my whole blog instead of post). Pardon me for not following the rules.....

  2. Sorry, Mr. Linky autofilled the info from the last time I used it and I didn't realize it! The link is correct, but that shouldn't say (Check Your Focus!) Oopsidaisies!

    I really enjoyed your post! It is just amazing to me to see how intricately He cares about us, right down to our toes! :)

  3. Ignore the previous comment about the Mr. Linky, I just fixed it! :)

  4. I love how God cares about even the small desires of our hearts! He loves to bring us joy!

    Thanks for starting the God Chronicles, it's been so encouraging!

  5. Got a story too but it just might have to wait till next week ...as me and my bed have a date to sleep...oh...so very tired...

    Be blessed Tyler
    Thanks for doing this


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