Friday, January 9, 2009

Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are!

Lurk - verb (used without object)
1. to lie or wait in concealment, as a person in ambush; remain in or around a place secretly or furtively.
2. to go furtively; slink; steal.
3. to exist unperceived or unsuspected.
4. Chiefly Computers. to read or observe an ongoing discussion without participating in it, as in an Internet newsgroup.–noun Australian Informal.
5. an underhand scheme; dodge.
6. an easy, somewhat lazy or unethical way of earning a living, performing a task, etc.
7. a hideout.

Lurker - noun
One of the `silent majority' in a electronic forum; one who posts occasionally or not at all but is known to read the group's postings regularly. This term is not pejorative and indeed is casually used reflexively: "Oh, I'm just lurking." Often used in `the lurkers', the hypothetical audience for the group's flamage-emitting regulars. When a lurker speaks up for the first time, this is called `delurking'.

My friend Jenni has informed me (via her blog) that it is National Delurking Week. What nation - I don't know! Nor do I care. Because this blog world is all very official-like, I now pronounce it National Delurking WeekEND here in Canada - that way I can justify my participation.

So, what are you waiting for?! Tell me who you are. Say "hi." Even if you are a faithful reader and commenter, say "hi" just for kicks. What's that? You need incentive??? Oooooh, incentive I can do. Comment on this post, and I'll put your name in the drawing for a super-duper prize. If it's your FIRST TIME leaving a comment, let me know and I will enter your name TWICE! Just because I want you to feel loved and welcomed.


Oh, sorry, you want to know what the super-duper prize is. So do I. But I'm going to let Pat decide (you're free to make suggestions to him, but if he never listens to me I'd be surprised if he listens to you). :)

Happy National Delurking WeekEND!

P.S. Comments will be closed at my bedtime (around 10pm MST) on Sunday. You know, when the nationally recognized holiday ends.


  1. Good Morning Dear Friend. I am guilty!!! There are times that I read and not comment. I love to comment, but there is too much that needs kept up with around my house to be able to comment on every blog. I try to keep up, but many times I am naughty and fail at that.

    I really do love your blog though . . . maybe that is why I read or maybe I should say Lurk.


  2. Love the idea! I always wonder who else is reading b/c not all of them comment (ever).

  3. Hi! I'm quite guilty of lurking. Not sure if I'm just as shy online as I am in real life or what but I don't comment much at all(here or anywhere). But I do visit fairly regularly.

    I just read your profile for the first time though an saw that you were in Red Deer. I was born in Red Deer and was raised there until we moved to B.C. when I was 11. I still have a soft spot in my heart for there.

  4. Hi Tyler! I confess I'm guilty of reading your blog and not commenting...even now that we've moved to Calgary:) Love to read your posts...always good for a laugh or some great insight. Thanks!

  5. I love your blog!!! I don't comment simply because I hate to type. You have such awesome posts. You are very funny and deep at the same time. Keep up the great work!!!


  6. I am not really a lurker- I am sure you know I visit all the time, although I dont leave comments all the time....

  7. Not delurking, just saying Hi and I love you and your blog! It's fun to see all your delurkers though! Happy De-Lurking WeekEND!

  8. I don't think I'm a true lurker yet, since this is the first time I have ever visited yor blog, but I will leave a comment anyway because, after all, it is a holiday and who doesn't love a celebration? ;-)

    I shopped at a Zellers in Red Deer once. and I had lunch there too. (in Red Deer, not Zellers, although I have eaten at a couple Zellers here in BC)

  9. Lurky Lucy saying "hi". Actually, I lurk, but I also comment on occassion. You're always a blessings.

  10. I don't know if I am considered a 'lurker' as I vividly remember the beginning of this blog, but don't comment as much lately as I read through my google reader subscriptions on my blackberry. (usually while waiting for kids to get out of school or during some other mundane task)

    Nonetheless, Hi!!

  11. Hey Tyler.... I have not been commenting lately.... so sorry....I know I love comments, and should be much better at commenting as has been crazy busy, so I usually just take a quick peek on my google reader and then off again....I will be much better from now on....LOL.....