Friday, January 23, 2009

The Daily

Because I'm still feeling slightly frazzled/frantic/crazy/nutso, I am going to share my morning gymnastics routine with you in point form. Imagine me talking really, really fast, and breathing too loud.

- Abbey is sick - joy
- Kai is grouchy (and naughty) - excellent
- Shea is home today - is kindergarten really still two whole years away?
- getting Meg out the door for school without her sister - fun; chasing after her halfway down the block to put her lunch in her backpack - even more fun
- having tummy troubles that keep me running - wonderful
- seeing Braeden's bus pull up, when I have not yet seen the boy - fantabulous
- going out in sub-sub-sub zero weather to start the beast - great

- putting grouchy boy to bed for morning nap, in spite of the fact that I know he will not give me an afternoon nap - totally worth it
- plugging in a movie for sick girl and little girl and letting them munch granola bars in my bed - even more worth it

In spite of what my "self" wants to feel, I will have joy. These are things that could break my day, if I choose to allow them. I won't. I will laugh at the silly crazy morning. I will enjoy a few minutes of slow-breathing and sipping my steaming coffee. Then I will throw the peed on sheets in the wash (from two beds) and set to my daily work. This work that God has called me to do - no matter how mundane.

This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. ~Psalm 118:24


  1. i really needed this - thank you. i only have one but he is sick - fever, runny nose, screaming his head off, attached to my body. i needed that verse.

  2. Oh yes! Definitely things that could ruin a day if you let them. Joy in everyday things, what an awesome thing to strive for. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I am laughing SO HARD right now, I have had those exact days, down to the tummy troubles and peed on sheets...Thanks for keepin' it real:)


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