Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome, 2011 - It's Not About Me

I have been blogging here for three full years now. That's three New Year's Days, three years of "resolutions," 1095 + days worth of thoughts, convictions, inspirations, and self-evaluation. To be honest, that much accountability is a little bit terrifying!

Coming into 2008, I resolved to put an end to my Procrastination. No more putting off the things that should be done today, or right now. No more ignoring God and listening only to myself. No more laziness and procrastination. My self-report card: C. There has been definite growth and improvement in some areas, like things that need doing around the house. But there are some things undone today that I know could have been done long ago (ahem, updating my book proposal).

As the calendar page turned for 2009, My New Year's Resolution was captured in a passage from the Word: Psalm 25:4-5. My self-report card: B. It was a big year of spiritual growth, change, hearing from and listening to God.

I declared 2010 to be The Year of Consecration, because if there's anything I want in this life, it's that I will look different, sound different, and BE different...set apart for His high purpose. My self-report card: D. Many of the things I had in mind at the writing of that post are unchanged. Potty mouth - still there; over-emotional - yup, nothing new to report; eating/weight issues - let's not even talk about it; parenting struggles - some good strides made in that department, I think (this is the only reason I didn't give myself an F).

What a relief that I don't have to write myself a report card, because my inner perfectionist can only see how I've fallen short. My inner spirit, though - the Spirit of the One who lives within me - He writes report cards akin to those brought home by Kindergartners. There is no A-F scale, no percentage points, no red ink. His report card gives "E" for effort, "I" for the heart's intentions, and "G" for grace.

As I stand on threshold of a fresh, new start once again, I will resist the urge to base my self-worth of my Kingdom value on my own report card, and instead accept His evaluation of who I am (not what I've done). It is only through His lens of grace that I can possibly imagine, for another year, placing before myself goals and hopes and dreams that I may or may not achieve.

The year of our Lord, two-thousand and eleven, is going to be my year of "It's Not About Me." I want to filter each action, each reaction, every decision, every circumstance through the lens of "How can I bring God glory?"

Here's what I think that may look like, lived out:

An invitation to speak - how can I let God's light shine through my feeble words, so that women will want to know Him better?

A house that needs cleaning (when doesn't it?!) - how can I go about my work as an act of worship and service to Him, so that He can be glorified in my home?

Children that misbehave - instead of plain old discipline "because they need to learn," how can I teach them to desire better behaviour so that they might bring honour and glory to God?

Too busy for a social life - how can I learn to see not only the value I get from taking time for friendship, but how my friendship might be used to bless someone else and offer her encouragement in His Name?

Working on (again) my food/weight/health issues - how do I want to treat my physical body (His temple), not just for me and my well-being, but for His glory and His use?

Bring it on, 2011. Because with Him, I know that I will never be graded lower than a G.

Do you make new year's resolutions or come up with a theme for your year? What's yours for 2011?

Side note: my theme phrase for this year has been borrowed from a Max Lucado book of the same title.

This post has been linked up at my friend Sandy's place - God Speaks Today.


  1. this year I beleive I must set prioritys in my life Whats the most important and consencrate on getting those done this year. I beleive I made to many goals and felt overwhelmed this year. Looking back I learnt that if I do the most important ones the others fall into place.My most important things to get done are coming high on radar screen now.What gets done are the things we put value on and push the others aside. The question is what means the most to you. Someone told me once God is first then your husband and then your children. I thought how could I ever love God more than my doughter.I must tell you I love God first and I love my doughter more than before crazy hey.Putting Him first is not easy but so worth the priority other things will not matter as much.Find out out what pleases God and do it the rewards are so great. Happy New Year

  2. Hi Tyler, I love your "G" grade. Love it! Grace is what needs to carry us through as we look TRUTH straight on, because we perfectionists will always see ourselves and others falling short of our potential. Not that we give up or not setting good goals- but we allow Grace to carry us and His joy to be our strength. His plans will succeed as it honors Him. WHEW! Takes a whole lot of pressure off of us feeble human beings... It is 'not about me', but all about "Thee". Have an amazing G graded 2011 girl:)

  3. Love that I can't get lower than a G! AWESOME girl. We can't do it without Him and without His grace. I am praying with you that we will grow into lives that are NOT about us!

    My New Years word is grow. So I can grow into all the places God stretched me in 2010. I think you are at the same place. Growing into a life that is not about you or me. ;)

    Blessings to you this year!

  4. What an incredibly beautiful and insightful post. I give it an A+!!!

    I love God's grading scale, and intend to see talk to myself with his vocabulary instead of mine.

    The whole "it's not about me" thing...that's always been a doozy for me too. I think the world revolves around me most days, and get mad at people when they don't realize that. I'm hoping my goals of daily bible reading and memorizing scripture will obliterate that self-centeredness in me.

    I saw your quote in "Made to Crave" last night. You can add that to your writing resume!!! :)

    Love and miss seeing you around.


  5. Thank for this sweet, honest and insightful post. Blessings on you - each day of this year. I like your "It is not about me" thoughts.


  6. I like God's report card and think you should spend some time staring at it! That's what I'm doing this year, kissing the "inner perfectionist" who always gives myself an F, goodbye!

    I love your heart too!


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