Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chirp, Tweet, Twitter

Thanks to some not-so-gentle nudgings from my friend, Louise, I have ventured into the wide world of Twitter.

You can totally follow me there, too! (Seriously, it's very sad to have zero followers, lol! Gives a girl a complex.)

And hey - can someone tell me how to work this thing?!


  1. I honestly don't really "get" twitter....so no help to offer...sorry.

  2. its weird at first - but like facebook, or blogging ... you'll get the hang of it - I hated twitter a year ago! I built an entire homeschooling community because of it - and now planning a conference in DC!! Social Media just put Ann Voskamp's book #9 on amazon by friends spreading the word about it!!
    Definitely start putting your blog links up. Think of it as a directional - use twitter to get to your blog!! Good luck - happy tweeting!!


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