Monday, January 31, 2011

Crave God, Not Food - week 4

I have been following a healthier eating plan now for three whole weeks. I have been exercising more than in the past (though not as much as I think I should). There have been moments of temptation that "caught" me, and others that I conquered. The conquering has happened more than the being caught, and the results are proving it.

Weight down this week:
3.2 lbs

Total weight down:
4.4 lbs

Want to know what puts a great big smile on my face? It's not that number on the scale. I smile because I feel good! As in, not bloated, over-full, gassy, nauseous, and disgusting. I smile because I feel victorious! Not out-of-control, weak, lazy, and trapped.

And for the record, those feelings are not because I am strong or have amazing will power. They are not because I am dedicated and committed. (I've pretty much proven that I am none of those things these past few years!) These feelings are because God is strong and is empowering me, because I am dedicated to Him and He is committed to me.

It's hard to explain... I mean, how can weight loss be a spiritual issue? Yet when I put it in that perspective - when my desire is to honour God with my body, my obedience, and my transformation - it feels more important somehow. More meaningful. Vital, even.

If you're on this journey too, how was your week? Share you victories and your struggles so we can encourage one another. And thanks for letting me share my journey with you.


  1. What a great feeling!

    Thanks for letting me know you had not received my address. I e.mailed it last week. I just e.mailed it again. Please let me know if you don't get it.

    Thanks again for your generosity.


  2. Woohoo! Over 3 lbs in a week GIRL I'm sure that number is a like a cherry on top! :)

    I've actually lost 13 pounds in the last 11 days but 10 of that came off during my fast/cleanse (much of which was water weight and also, um, clearing out of the intestines). Another 3 has come off since I quit my fast last Wednesday, so I'm pleased with that. But what I'm most pleased about is the ENERGY, feeling better overall, and also just learning so much about my body. For example, I've learned that if I have too much sugar (as in 5 cookies worth, which isn't all that much compared to how much sugar I've had in the past!), I wake up feeling like I'm mildly hungover, and I drag for the first half of the day. And if I have WAY too much sugar (a very sugary dessert on Sat night), I will have, um, digestive problems for the next day and a half. Lovely.

    I should have just emailed you...this comment got waaay longer than I expected. :)

    Keep it up my dear!


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