Monday, December 31, 2007


I sit here this morning, coffee in hand, surveying the damage around me. You got it - I still haven't cleaned up from Christmas! There are empty stockings under the tree, a few gifts still in boxes because I'm unsure of where to put them, and random toys scattered both up and down-stairs. And let's not forget the rodent in my living room! (No where else to put it.)

I know that taking care of the home (and of course the kids, lol) is the job God has called me to at this time. I know I should do it with a joyful heart. I know I should do it NOW. But everything in me wants to put off the work I'm supposed to be doing for the laziness I love. I could litereally sit here all day dallying on the computer while the kids reign chaos around me.

I won't, but I could. The only thing preventing it is the fact that there will be guests in our home in about 10 hours, and I couldn't bear the thought of them seeing my home in its natural state of destruction! It must look like Superwoman lives here before they arrive! I'm ashamed to admit that I'm more concerned what other people think about how I do my job than what God thinks.

In my heart, I want to honour God in all that I do, even in the un-glorious tasks of being a homemaker. But my flesh rebels against doing hard work that will be obliterated in a matter of minutes, the world tells me my job is unimportant, my family doesn't seem to notice (though they can point out right away when it hasn't been done, haha)... Therein lies the struggle - God has such an upside-down Kingdom!

I am supposed to do with joy the tasks that come with the least amount of glory. Not so that people will notice and think I'm Superwoman, not so that my family will praise me, simply because that is the job He has called me to. Not just do it, but do it with joy. Have a happy heart while scouring the grime from the tub, a song on my lips while sweeping the kitchen floor for the 15th time in 5 days (not exaggerating). Whew - tough calling.

Funny, now that I think of it, I struggle with putting off all sorts of things God asks me to do. Hit the snooze button one more time before getting up to read His Word...take the time to call a friend who's hurting, maybe tomorrow...thinking that right now isn't quite the right time to sit down with my kids and pray about changing their difficult behavior...make a lunch for my husband to take to work, I'll start doing that next week...

I think I'm seeing the development of my New Year's Resolution here... No more putting off the things that should be done today, or right now. No more ignoring God and listening only to myself. No more laziness and procrastination. Starting tomorrow!

Happy New Year!

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