Thursday, January 20, 2011

Family Vision

I find the concept of developing a family vision, values, and goals an intriguing one.

Does your family have any of the above? How did you develop them? Tell me all about it!

I really love what Lisa's family did - they took a retreat to talk about their hopes and dreams.


  1. We just use the Bible as our set of standandard and our vision.

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  2. My husband and I sat down together and broke down the various areas of our life (marriage, kids, house projects, spiritual walk, trips, finances etc) and made goals for the year 2011 for each of them and wrote it down. It was a really good experience. Afterwards we talked about various things with the kids. It is very exciting to have things set down and to start scratch things off our list. Allison

  3. Love/honor God and love/honor others and have fun doing it.

    Based on two greatest commandments and the family decree of fun. ;)


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