Saturday, August 1, 2009

Assorted and Random Update

Pictures I meant to include in the last post, but got tired of waiting for them to upload...

Did I mention that the first plane we were on was barely one step above a puddle jumper? There's April and I offering our early-morning, make-up free smiles. That is one big pimple on my chin!

The girls sitting down for the early-bird dinner. Far left is Peggy (black and white shirt), centre is April (black and white tank), and far right is Karen (white top, glasses). The other lady was one of the many beautiful women at the dinner.

Peggy and I hamming it up - giddy on lack of sleep.

The hotel. This is indoors. Instead of enclosed hallways, all the rooms open to a balcony-style hallway that looks down on the lobby. It is really quite stunning.

I am learning so much! The presence of God is so heavy in this place, and He is speaking. Man, is He speaking. More on that later...

In the prayer room, each woman's name (600 of them) has been prayerfully placed around one of the names of God. I found mine at Jehova-Shammah (The Lord is There, The Lord my Companion). It says, "God's presence is not limited or contained the the Tabernacle or Temple, but is accessible to all who love and obey Him."

And to answer the question in your heads - my publisher meetings were fantastic! I had an amazing opportunity to meet with three editors/publishing houses (David C. Cook, Kregel, Harvest House) and one agent (William K. Jensen Agency). I was filled with confidence and spoke well. All four of them invited me to submit my proposal via email! I was wondering if perhaps them telling me to email it in was a polite brush-off, but I have spoken to many women who did not mention being given business cards with email addresses, who were instead given feedback on how to improve on their current proposal. The next step relies on whether my writing is good enough, my style readable and enjoyable, and totally on God's hand. And, um, patience. Apparently, it could be six months before I hear from anyone.

In the midst of all this excitement, here is what I know in my heart. This book is not about me. It is about God, His unreasonable grace, His power to deliver, and the glory of His name. If it goes anywhere - it is all Him. I cannot write in my own strength, and I most definitely cannot become free from anger without His power. There are three things I want from this project: to find my own freedom in Christ; to help other mothers be freed from their anger, through Christ; and to see the name of Jesus lifted high. Anything else is simply icing on the cake. Don't get me wrong - it would totally rock - but it's not the reason.

If nothing comes of it, I will continue to obey Him and write it. Through writing it I am trusting Him to deliver me from anger. And I will share it with anyone He puts in my path. And I will pass it on to my children. I will be free, other moms will be free, and the name of Jesus will be shouted from the rooftops. Either way, His purposes will be served. And the fact that I get to do something I really love doing is just joy!

Well, I skipped my last session to wash my hair. Because I had a massage over lunch (which means I am hungry right now) I had icky greasy hair at my nape. I couldn't take it! But now my hair is clean and that session is almost ready to wrap up. The next session is one I just cannot miss - for the sheer fun of it. You'll get to see why later. ;)

P.S. Please pray for Kai (almost 2) who is home with Daddy (and Grandma - love you, Mom!) and is fighting off a virus. You'd think that by now satan would realize He can't pull me away from God with his stupid little tricks! Seriously, every time I'm away to grow one (or more) of the kids is sick. Too bad for the devil that I totally trust God and my family with the kids. No way will he get me to be distracted and anxious! But I'm sure it would be nice for the adults at home if the little man was a bit more content.

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