Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh Yes, She Speaks!

Before I get to the big news, here's a brief recap...

The four of us - April, Karen, Peggy, and myself arrived in Charlotte around 4:30pm (EST) yesterday. Apparently we just missed a wee bit of security excitement. Depending on who you speak to, rumor has it a man ran through the security check with a weapon OR there was a bomb threat. We saw no evidence of anything amiss when we disembarked the plane.

We checked in to the most fabulous Embassy Suites and freshened up.

Then we joined a group of other early arrivers for dinner. Today, I have seen five women that I met last night - what a relief to know a few people in this crowd!

We even had a little over an hour to cruise through the famous outlet mall. (Even at outlet prices, I found myself running out of a few stores.)

This morning came early (6:00 here is 4:00 at home), and we got all gussied up in our business casual gear. We got ourselves registered for the pre-conference and launched into session.

Renee Swope spoke for the early morning devotional. It was G-O-O-D! After the session, I asked her about her toes and fingernails (based on her comment in this post).

Right now I am skipping out on a session and hiding in my hotel room. The jitters were taking over, and I needed to step away and crank out my voice in praises to my Lord. Casting Crowns and I are currently rockin' out "The Voice of Truth."

But wait - the reason for my title. One of the sessions this morning hit me smack in-between the eyes. Powerful, world-changing, ministry-shaping words of wisdom were imparted. And not only did I write down every single word, I got to speak to the one who shared the words. First, I made sure to tell her how she blesses me and how her words impacted me. Then, I pulled out the camera and handed it to Peggy. From one blogger to another, she totally understood my need to record the moment.

More later (probably much later) tonight. Or maybe tomorrow. I'm on a 30-minute countdown to publisher appointment #1...


  1. I am praying for you, Ty!! Have a super time - give my love to your travelling companions!!

    PS - Did you wear your awesome "girl night" shoes??!


  2. Oh, I'm so thrilled that you are blogging there! Can't wait to hear how it all goes!

  3. Tyler, It is exciting to hear from you during the conference. I am sure your meetings went well yesterday. Looking forward to hearing more details. Take care and say hi to the rest of the crew.



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