Thursday, August 13, 2009

Walls and Baseboards and Paint, Oh My!

We are very close to moving back into our basement. I will be so glad to eliminate the three million extra piles of "stuff" from my living room and kitchen! And I know Pat will be thrilled to have the garage back.

As the end of the renovation gets closer, I find myself growing impatient. The fact that Kai is not sleeping through the night at almost two years of age, due to the fact that I cannot ignore him when he fusses, due to the fact that he's sharing a room with Braeden who really needs his sleep, has me exhausted!

But soon, it will all go back to normal... Ahhhhh...

Here is the feature wall of the family room. (Interesting tidbit - the dark brown paint actually smelled like chocolate!) As you can see, the first piece of furniture was moved in the moment the carpet was laid.

In this next picture I'm standing with my back against the brown wall so you can see the full length of the family room. We haven't quite figured out what we're doing with those posts yet - ideas? I'd kinda like to leave them uncovered, as the kids think it's the mostfunever to climb them.

If you're wondering about the mattresses and sleeping bags - Pat and the kids camped out down there while I was at She Speaks. And in case you were unsure, I absolutely believe it's proper renovation etiquette to NOT clean up assorted piles of supplies as you work. Everything - tools, compressors, vacuums, and such should remain randomly laying around until the final details of the project are complete. Okay?

The bathroom has the most work remaining - countertop, sink, mirror, and accessories still to be done. Thankfully, the toilet is in fine working order!

This is my fabulous flooring in the bathroom and laundry room. There is a seat on the toilet already, the one you see on the floor is the new one I purchased because the original wasn't quite good enough. Have you ever shopped for a toilet seat? I cannot believe how many there are to choose from!

Speaking of the laundry room...

Do you remember this wall? (Coming down the stairs on the left is the concrete foundation of the house - if it were drywalled over the stairs would be v.e.r.y. narrow. So the previous owners thought that covering it in some shagadellic orange carpet was a fantastic plan.)

Here's that wall now (from a different angle, so you can get the full effect).

Speaking of shagadellic - did you know that shag is back "in?"


  1. What a great change...the tile looks so good and comfy carpet !!!
    Enjoy the space.


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