Monday, August 24, 2009

Talent Showcase

Plunging head-first into the cold, dark, terrifying waters of book proposals, publisher meetings, networking, and one-sheets would have been an impossible feat without the help of some good friends with amazing talents. If not for them, I would still be standing on the dock of "maybe I'll write a book someday" simply dipping my toes, pondering whether I could brave the chill.
In no particular order, those good friends to whom I owe a big "THANK-YOU!":

April - designer extraordinaire. I would love to show you how beautiful my one-sheet is, but currently have no idea how to get a pdf file onto a blog post! Suggestions?

Karalee, Frieda (aka Mom/Grandma), Amanda, Cami - professionals in the field of childcare and home-making.

Bobbie - editor in chief. (I still can't get over how God would bring together two bloggers separated by half a continent, and have them discover a treasured friendship. And have me discover a lawyer with an English degree. Thanks, Papa!)

Loni - woman of many stylist, photographer, and more! First, she coloured and cut my hair, then she took these awesome photos (one of which resides on my one-sheet proposal).

Kendra - hand transformationist (aka nail technician). Pretty, aren't they?

Prayer warriors and cheerleaders - all of the above, plus Peggy, Angela, Ifie, Heather, Stacy, Christine, and Lucille (aka Tante/Auntie).

The Proverbs 31 Team for having a vision to reach out to writers, speakers, and women's ministry leaders through the She Speaks Conference.

And my #1 team, backing me all the way - Brae, Abs, Meg, Shea, Kai, and their Daddy -love of my life - Pat.

I don't know how far God will take the thoughts from this little brain, but even if it stops right here, I will be forever grateful to those who helped me take the plunge.

And for now, I wait. And I write.

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  1. I know God's words will flow through you, as they so often do. Don't pull those toes back out of the waters.


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