Friday, August 7, 2009

Never a Dull Moment

There was a strange man at the door, and our fierce protector, Daisy, was growling viciously. I asked Meg to put Daisy in her crate so I could open the door and inform the strange man that, no, we don't wish to try his amazing new method of carpet shampooing.

On her way to her bed, Daisy made an abrupt change of plans, choosing instead to head for the kitchen where my BFFs teenage son was standing (after all, he likes to wrestle with her). As her clumsy dog body swung around, she bumped up - hard - behind Meg's backside, sweeping the featherweight six-year-old right off her feet! She came down hard on her side, and, apparently, on her left arm.

When the crying continued past the ten-minute mark, Christine (the previously mentioned BFF) and I knew that my tough little cookie must really be hurt. We got her loaded into the vehicle amidst screams of, "You're killing me! I'm going to die!" Not sure if I've ever mentioned this before, but my dear, sweet best friend is a little on the dramatic side; Meg's middle name is in honor of her. Yup - aptly named!

With the exception of a couple small outbursts when medical professionals attempted to speak to her, look at her, or heaven forbid - touch her, Meg handled the whole thing like a real trooper.

(On a side note, why do so many nurses seem to think that talking VERY LOUDLY to an uncooperative child will cause that child to be more cooperative? I mean really - we want to draw even more attention?! I say just keep on working away and ignore the protesting child's shrieks of, "No! Don't touch me! I hate you! MOOOOOOMMMMYYYYY!!!!!" But maybe that's just me.)

And now, she's milking it for all it's worth! And her sisters are happy to comply with every little request for a sweater, a drink, a snack, carrying things...

Through it all, her cheerful disposition remains. ;) As is evidenced by the most cooperative photos...

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  1. Oh , so hard for kids but reality of life. The good thing is its almost the end of summer. I remember my son breaking his arm on the last day of school...long summer months. Enjoy Megan laughter!


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