Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Steps of Fear FAITH

Our church is a missional church. In recent years, we launched two big mission-focused programs. Give Life is all about being a blessing to those around us, and is primarily focused on what we do in our communities and neighbourhoods. To reach the world in a tangible way, we developed the Global Compassion Campaign. The GCC chose three organizations that we will work closely with over the next five years - they will receive significant financial support and numerous short-term missions teams over these years.

Now, why in the world would you want to know what's going on in our church?

Christmas Eve, 2008... Our congregation was introduced to one of the projects that we will be supporting - Haiti Arise. Here's the short-version of Haiti's story: the people in political authority back in 1804 made a pact with the devil, and turned the country over to him for 200 years; for 200 years, voodoo has been the religion of choice, selling children as slaves the economy of choice; the curse was broken in 2004 and the people are receptive to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Haiti Arise has a vision to educate the people so that they can bring about economic change, with a Christ-centred approach.

After viewing the video about Haiti Arise last Christmas, Pat turned to me and said, "We're going to Haiti. I don't know when or how, but we'll be there." I attempted to swallow the massive ball of fear in my throat unsuccessfully, so I just nodded. I knew it, too.

This Sunday, the couple that runs the mission was at our church. Marc preached a message, then Marc and Lisa invited interested people to join them in a luncheon. There was no doubt that we would be staying for the lunch. There was also no doubt that Pat would be joining the team heading to Haiti in October. (A little God-incidence for you: Pat talked to the team lead, and he shared that they had been praying for one more man to join the team. Ha!)

I don't believe this first step in obedience will be the last of our story with Haiti. But rather than guess what God has planned for our future, we've decided to take one step at a time. Pat signed up, then we asked God, what is the next step you want us to take? One hairy scary step at a time, we will walk in faith, trust, and obedience.

But as it is written: “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard,nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” ~1Corinthians 2:9


  1. I was glad when I poked my head in to the Chapel on Sunday and saw the two of you. Pat will be a great addition for Keith.

  2. That's so cool! Ron and I were struck on Sunday when Marc mentioned that they will need people to live with children and love them....we both looked at each other and thought that would be so amazing. We'll see where God takes us on that one.


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