Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Parched without Prayer

Why am I ignoring His call?

Morning by morning, 5:30 am the alarm clock sings out country music, and I hear Him invite me.

Yet I roll over, hitting snooze again and again, telling Him, "Later, Jesus. Soon. Just a few more minutes of sleep."

Yesterday Shea (4) came to me with tears in her eyes. No one would play with her, would I? The temptation to put her off was strong - laundry, dinner prep, budgeting, and a million other household tasks called my name. But in my mind's eye I saw her face crumpling as she received another rejection. So I turned my eyes from the mess and sat at the table in front of the Yahtzee board.

Her face lit up, glowing with joy and excitement. Once she knew she had my attention she chattered and giggled, taking deep gasping breaths between word-full sentences.

If I were to heed that early morning call to communion, would it light His face? Would He grab the opportunity and pour out His Words into my heart?

When I put Him off, does His face fall like a child who's been turned away?

When I say "not now," I am telling Him that filling my body with sleep is more important than filling my soul with Him. Oh, how wrong that is! Sleep - my body can live with less. But Jesus - my soul cannot live without.

Without Him, my soul dries out, parches, it cries out in thirst. The longer I leave my soul in such a state, the more withered it becomes. Eventually, the dryness will feel normal and the thirst will be dulled. Until the lack of moisture leaves gaping cracks - broken places.

Lord, forgive me for thinking so much of myself that I begin to believe I can afford to postpone my time in Your Presence. Tomorrow morning, and each morning after, give me an unquenchable thirst for Jesus when that alarm clock sounds. I don't want to become a withered old soul! Abba Daddy, I love you. YOU are more important than anything - including sleep. Draw me closer...

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  1. Oh you spoke my heart. My alarm goes off everyday at 5am to get up to be with Him. Yet most mornings I do the same thing and I ALWAYS regret it! Because then I have to wait another 24 hours before I get to attempt to be alone with Him again. :(

    I NEVER regret getting up to be with Him, but ALWAYS regret when I don't. :(

  2. So true...
    everyone visiting here at 'Walk with Him Wednesday' seems to be hungry, thirsty and craving...for time with God.
    May we find Him in All we do, in All we are... Everywhere we our breathing...

    All the best as we seek The Best ~ Maria

  3. And if you saw His call to morning communion as your daughter sees your Yahtzee time with her, would it light your face, make you giggle, draw you to pour your heart out with all the excitement and thoughts you have? Oh, He is not our obligation, He loves us so!

    What a beautiful picture!

  4. Your precious prayer echoed the cry of my heart to be drawn closer and closer till He is ALL in ALL

  5. This is my heart's cry! It was no accident I came here, every step of the journey with the Lord is beautiful...

  6. This is one of my FAVORITE posts in the 'Walk With Him Wednesday' links...

    I totally can relate... with God, and with my children.

    Just today my daughter pleaded with me to stop, listen, pay attention with her.

    When I sat at the table and did sticker books with her, listen to her laugh, watched her face, she was beaming as well!

    May we please the Lord it that very same way.

    Beautifully written!


  7. I identified with this post so well! I want to remember..."sleep my body can live with less, but Jesus my soul can not live without". This spoke to me today! Thank you~


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