Monday, February 11, 2008

Yup, it's Monday

Mondays are bitter-sweet. End of the weekend - sad b/c Pat heads back to work, happy b/c Braeden heads back to school. Mostly a home day (no school or activites for the girls, mom, or babes) - happy b/c we can laze around in jammies all day, sad b/c the girls often end up fighting and spending much of the day being disciplined. And then, it's also weigh-in day - happy to see the results of a week of hard work, OR sad to see the result of a week of not caring.

You guessed it, another bad week. But my commitmtent is totally renewed and I'm starting with some serious focus today! Pat and I were browsing photo albums yesterday, and to my delight there was a picture of me at each kids' first birthday - and in each of those pictures I looked, well, not terribly fat (LOL). My faith in myself and my ability to do this is renewed - come on, I've done it 4 times! And it is even a wee bit exciting to think that I will never have to fight for such a BIG weight loss ever again!

To my shame, I will post my results from this morning's weigh-in...
weight: 159.8lbs (that's up 3 from last week; overall down 1.2)
body fat:31%

Can I just say - seriously?! How is it possible to gain 6 pounds in 2 weeks? That is the most bizarre thing I've ever heard of! I can't possibly be THAT glutonous! Do you think maybe it has to do with the weaning? Even if it doesn't, let's just go with that, okay. I was using 1500 calories a day to feed that baby (even though it was apparently not enough for him), so now that I haven't been using it I gained. Just gotta readjust my eating, big time! And I really better get exercising again, 'cause shoot my back has been hurting.

Hopefully by next week someone creative will have suggested a fun name for my Monday weight loss series!!!??? SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!


  1. I totally suck, and yet again skipped out on you today. To be honest, I have not counted one point since Ian left. Nor cared like I should. I am sorry.

    I admire you for your drive to lose weight, you will do it again. Have you been back to the Collicutt since the dreaded day we almost killed ourselves? (the memories are still fresh- lol)

  2. Forgiven. :)

    Have I been back to the, no. Possibly a major contributing factor to the 6lb gain in 2 weeks. I plan to be there this week Th and F.

  3. "Make or Break Monday"
    "Monday Mastery"
    "Maxi/Mini Monday"
    "More/Less Monday"
    "Minimized Monday"

  4. Finally! Some ideas. Thank-you, Tante!

  5. stopping nursing is a total weight shock eh? I have totally joined you on the weight loss journey--I got my nutri-sstem food today. I was shockingly cheap (cheaper than the grocery store) and I find my biggest prob about eating right is making my food plus the boys and nate's meals. My weight loss theme is operation NSF (code for not so fat) and my theme song is hot stuff (don't ask--long thailand story) Wanna come to peak fitness with me tomorrow for a beginner spin class--they have childcare (I've used it, plus your first time is free, just the childcare costs) Keep at it, and don't stress about the 6, what's done is done.

  6. Kate, I somehow totally missed your comment here! Yikes. Obviously, I've missed out on the spin class (which is okay b/c I HATE those stupid bikes with their little seats that make my bottom seem even huger). But, I would totally love to take you up on the offer to join you at the gym one day. Let me know your schedule, and I'll see if one day I can ditch Pat here with the kids... :)


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