Saturday, February 9, 2008

Growing Pains

My baby is growing up too fast! When you know (well, are pretty sure) you've had your last baby FOREVER, the mommy clingy factor seems to go up a bit. Christine is giggling at this, I'm sure...

My plan for this last child, sweet baby Kai, was to breastfeed till at least 6 months. It seems, no matter my intentions, my other 4 babies were 'off the boob' (yes, I'm sometimes known for my less-than PC vernacular) somewhere between 4-6 months. Various life circumstances would inevitably create a situation where switching to the bottle was the best option for the family. I never really had a problem with this, until now. Now, with the deep-seated knowledge that I will never hold another baby to my breast, I am mourning the loss.

If you've been around my home for the past (almost) 5 months, you may have noticed that our 2nd born boy child, 5th born overall child is the fussiest baby on the planet um, not entirely content. A million people suggested that I try giving him more bottles (Christine, Pat, mom), but I was adamant, "he doesn't need more to eat! My body is made to feed him, and I know he's being well fed. For goodness sake, the child is over 16 pounds!"

Pat, love of my life, father extraordinaire, had had enough crying to last him 2 lifetimes - so he insisted I must try this bottle thing. So I would nurse, burp, rotate infant to other side, nurse, burp...satisfied that he was satisfied, I'd put him in one of his many large and brightly-colored contraptions for some play time. Cry, cry, cry. So I'd warm up a 4 oz bottle, just knowing that he wasn't really hungry. A few seconds later, once he finished gulping those 4 ozs back and had burped, and was still looking for more, I heated up another 4 oz bottle. This pattern continued for 3 days until I finally conceded - for reasons completely foreign to me, my body was not creating sufficient nutrition for this chubby little guy. Shoot!

By day 2 of the 'breast-breast-bottle-bottle' ordeal, a new Malakai had emerged. Content to play, full of smiles, shrieks, and giggles, mellow...ah, the peace! As I'm sure you are wondering - how long does a feeding take with this ordeal? Well, folks, too darn long! So we've mostly moved on to the bottle - which is filled to 6 oz every time, almost always drained and more added to finish out the feeding. He's happier, Pat's happier, the siblings are even happier, and in many ways I am too. But I am also just so sad... Never again. It's like the end of an era (lol, okay - that may be a bit on the ridiculous dramatic side)! Sigh.

Note the contented little smile...and the double-chin, thigh-to-ankle rolls, wrist fat...LOL!


  1. ah...he is too cute!
    Gotta love the rolls...
    have a great Sunday!

  2. he is just the sweetest little thing.. I love that pic

  3. Oh my goodness! He is so cute!

  4. Awww..what a cute little chubber! I know how you feel about the 'last' one. Our 4th is (supposedly and according to us -the last) a large lump of chub at 4 months. It's so nice to be able to make them happy, huh?


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