Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tiny Talk Tuesday

A bunch of women (including myself) were busy making packages for the craft at our upcoming women's retreat. Megan (4) enters the rooms and wonders what we're doing. I tell her that we're putting together a craft for the ladies to do on the retreat. Incredulous, she exclaims, "But adults don't do crafts!" (Note to self: make an effor to 'appear' slightly more interested in crafty things for the sake of the children.)

Shea (2) has 2 favorites lately. Instead of aruging by saying 'no,' she prefers "actually..." (pronounced ak-chu-leeee). Miss independent also likes to insist, "I do it my OWN self!"

This past weekend, Braeden (9) had the opportunity to attend Snow Camp - sponsored by our local radio station and Tim Horton's (which, for you Americans out there, is kinda like Starbucks only better, lol). The poor boy was not pleased about boarding the bus; when they returned I learned that he cried for an hour :(. Saying prayers on Sunday night, Braeden wants to thank God for Snow Camp and all the fun and friends...Amen. As I'm closing his bedroom door I hear, "Mom?"
Me: "Yes, Braeden?"
B: "I go to Snow Camp again?"
Me: "Well, maybe someday, sweetheart" (sha, not likely kiddo!).
B: "I go on Friday?"
Me: "Um, no bud, let's give it some time okay."
LOL - kids!

To see what other people's kids are saying, check out Mary's page.


  1. My kids said "ak-chu-leee" very early as well. Isn't it so funny to hear them using such a grown up word?? It cracks me up. :)

  2. my 4yo this morning throws a huge fit b/c she wanted a bath b4 school (ya right!!) i keep telling her there is no time, and she loudly tells me back "you just don't understand!!" i'm thinking we might have an issue here if at 4 she is already saying that....

  3. hey you! that's the thing about the doula training, you can do it online and don't have to leave your kids. that's one reason i went for it. this workshop that i went to was a childbirth educator/doula. but my 1st certificate came from childbirth international, which is a distance learning doula training. you can do it at your own pace and at your own time. it took me 2 years!! just so you know your options...

    btw-haven't forgetten about your earlier ?....

  4. Cute kids! Thanks for visiting me!

  5. Oh, my three year old is in the "me do it" thing too! She has never gotten out of it. Man, if I even touch the child she will redo the ENTIRE process of whatever it is :)

    Loved the crafts comment!

    Happy TTT!


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