Monday, February 18, 2008

Minimize-Your-Size Monday

I've linked up to a group of women who are working together to lose weight. Next week I'll be posting on 'Live Well Wednesday.' (So much for my great title - thanks for the idea & feedback, Lucille.)

And so you know, Pat and I have renewed our focus. We have a goal! We're going to Reno in June to spend some time with his brother and family, and we'd be far too embarassed to show up as fat slobs. So, 17 weeks to lose 20 pounds (for me)...I'll keep Pat's secret safe ;).

In fact, I'd like to put a counter on my site - anyone have any good countdown widgets to suggest? I keep finding pregnancy ones, and I DEFINITELY do not want one of those, LOL!

Okay, down to the nitty gritty. Same as last week. At least I didn't gain again. Phew. But it would really be nice to be a loser again, heehee.

Is there anyone else out there trying to lose weight that can be my support group?!


  1. You should join us tomorrow. Darlene hosts Wellness Wednesday and there is always a great group of women who are supportive and have same goals. You will find good encouragement. Just link up tomorrow if you are interested. The place to go is on my sidebar on my blog.
    BTW-I am in the trenches with you on the weight loss! It is coming off really slow for me though. That is okay-it is coming off that is what matters. :)

  2. Thanks for hooking me up, Angela! I'll definitely check that out. It is sooooo much easier to plow through with support.

    Kay, people, next week's weigh-in post will be on 'Live Well Wednesday.' (I just like to keep ya guessing, lol!)

  3. I love the name.

  4. Welcome to Living Well!! I hope you'll find encouragement and inspiration here among us! There's also a slightly more hard-core weight loss site called Tales from the Scales that you might be interested in. They weigh in on Wednesdays as well.

    As for a weight loss countdown, a lot of people use

  5. Oh, this line made me laugh, "we'd be far too embarassed to show up as fat slobs."

    I've said that before! LOL

    Enjoy the journey with all of us. :)

  6. Oh, sorry my post was so boring this week! Just when you decided to join us. :( Argh!

  7. Live Well is a great place of encouragement and we are all trying to not just lose but be healthy and get in shape. It is very encouraging. God Bless!

  8. I found this countdown timer ...

  9. Welcome to living well Wednesday! I am trying to lose weight! I am using Weight Watchers. Did not do so good this week. You did not lose.... but you did not gain. That is an accomplishment.


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