Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Driving along one day, Meg (4) asked why the snow on the road looks dirty. Thinking I should jump on this learning opportunity, I delve into an explanation of road gravel, traction, and so on... In spite of Meg's less than enthusiastic participation, I quietly hope that she's grasping the concept. Later, to test her comprehension, I ask if she remembers the big word we talked about earlier. With a slightly irritated look on her face, Meg demands, "Why are you trying to teach me?!" LOL! This, people, is why God has not called me to home school.

Abbey (6) to her dad, "Dad, William - not William in my class, but William on the bus, you know...the one who's in grade 2, he's 7-years-old -" (deep breath) "he said he has a crush on me." Dad asks, "Do you know what that means?" "No" (giggling). Dad, "Well, what did you say to him?" Abbey, "I laughed." How straightforward...

Braeden (9) to dad, "Dad - you took Mom for a date? Where'd you go?" Dad, "Sure did buddy. We went to see Riverdance." "Aw Dad, that's so cute! I'm proud of you!" Really, how does a 9-year-old know that watching people dance around for 2 hours is less than fantastic to most men?!

To see what other little ones are saying, check out Mary's blog.


  1. gosh they're so funny aren't they? i just never know what to expect from my kids. your 4 yo sounds like mine. an older friend the other day told me that year 4 is called the "frightening 4's" i found that quite fitting (for mine at least)...

  2. Those are GREAT. Your son sure is perceptive :)

    Thanks for participating! I hope to have it up Monday night this week :)


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