Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Thin is IN???

Nah, it's not. Chubby is really more flattering, isn't it? No one wants to wrap their arms around a skinny little stick, anyway. It's good to have a little meat to grab onto...

Two days of birthday cake for Abbey, plus my birthday the week before, plus a few glasses of wine Friday night - add it all up and it spells DISASTER!

Is it wrong of me to just cancel this whole 'blog my weight loss' idea? I could just post an 'after' picture when I finally get there, right?

No - I can't do it! A little shame might do me good - motivate me to work a bit harder (and I'll need to especially now...did I mention that Kai has decided bottles are far more filling and satisfying...which means I am now down to like 21 points per day...and, it seems that one of my challenge buddies has crapped out...and we're moving into birthday season for ALL my kids? Poor me!)

Okay, here goes:
weight - 156.8 lbs (up 3.6 from last week, gasp!); down a total of 4.2 in 3 weeks
30% body fat (up 1% from last week, double gasp!); but still down 1% overall.

Okay, I have been sufficiently shamed. Next week will be better!!! (BTW, I've decided to move this topic over to Mondays since that's my weigh-in day and b/c I am going to be joining in a fun new Tuesday topic...next week. Any suggestions for a fun Monday name - that rhymes or has alliteration or some such thing???)


  1. OK, i"m with ya, I've just restarted on losing all the baby weight I worked so hard to lose and gained back EVERY single 20 pounds of it. So you go and I'll go and here's to denying our fleshy food wants. Mmmmm I baked 2 batches of cupcakes for a friends shower and it's tourture I tell ya. Keep at it.

  2. Just read a funny cartoon on this...women is at the doctor's being weighed. She says, "I'm a wife, a mother, a daughter, an executive, a cook, a housekeeper, a Sunday school teacher, a chauffeur, and a soccer coach. That's only 19 pounds per woman!"

    Keep it in perspective - we're all skinny.



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