Friday, February 22, 2008


Do you ever start to feel complacent, apathetic even, in your faith? I know there are times when I do...

When life is rolling along smoothly - no major issues with any of the kids, marriage is feeling solid, ministry is growing - it's almost as if God gets nudged back in my life. My time is filled with going to Church and Bible study, serving in ministry, reading good books about God. But time spent, just God and I, slips away.

I tend to develop this mindset of, "God has me so busy at home and in ministry, and I really grow through the act of serving, so it's all good." I keep on plugging ahead, and I'm certain I really am learning, growing, and changing...but I'm missing something vital - connecting, knowing His heart for me. Though my Spirit is shouting at me that it needs more, my flesh tells me that this is enough. I get 'settled' and become complacent. Sound familiar?

Did you know that the Bible isn't just a good book or a bunch of words that God wants us to read? Recently I learned that His Word is His love letter - to me! That's kind of hard to grasp, I know. Take a moment to consider your first big crush... He's theeee cutest boy in school, and he likes YOU! You go to your locker and discover an envelope stuffed inside, with a note in it! What do you do? You might eagerly tear it open right there, unwilling to wait even one minute before drinking in his adoring words. Maybe you tuck it away to read in the quiet stillness later, when you can really savour each precious phrase.

God has given us a love letter like that - how can we go to His Book with anything less than eager anticipation of how His words of love can fill our lives? Oh, I'm so sad to say that I often open my Bible with a sense of duty rather than excitement. I can just imagine the look on my husband's face if he gave me a Valentine's card and I opened it with the attitude, "well, I'll read it because I have to, sigh." His very Spirit would be crushed. And yet I do this to my LORD!

I pray that I will not have a complacent faith. Give me a passion and excitement to be with You, to bask in Your Presence, and especially to read the beautiful love letter You wrote just for me. Forgive me, Lord, for the way my attitude has hurt You. I love you so much, God! Please, change my heart so that my actions and time spent reflects how deeply I love you.
In Jesus Beautiful Name,

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