Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day?

So, tomorrow is the special day, where we all pour out our sappiness on those we love. To be honest, I've never been one to care much about Valentine's. I'm not sure Pat and I have ever gotten one another cards or done anything special for this day. I do like to do a little something for the kids - like little treats and a note in their lunch box, but that's about it. And making all those tiny little Valentine's cards for them to hand out at school is the bane of my existence! I absolutely HATE doing that task!!! Maybe I have issues in the romance department?

I'm just curious, does anyone really 'celebrate' Valentine's Day with their sweetheart or their kids? What's your favorite thing to do? Does anyone ever do something to make you feel extra special? What would you LIKE for someone to do?


  1. having the kids in thailand I tried to keep as many western holidays as posible, only I added a bit of a twist to valintiens day. We do the cookies and thecrafts but we talk about how it's a about love and we talk about GOds' love for us and how to be a good friend. Stuff like that. Other than that I could care lessa about the day if I didn't have my boys.

  2. That's a great idea Kate! Funny how I never conisdered using today to share about God's love to my kiddos...

  3. I can leave this day...i think it is just one of those over commercialized much money is spend on this day as Christmas..saying that...I do make a special meal and cake..but is it far more important to me to let every one that I love know that all love them everyday...not just remember today...
    I think Kate's idea is totally cool...
    Happy Valentines'day


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