Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Megan, 4 - "That cake is soooooo stylish!" and later, about the very stylish cake ('Bratz' themed, thank-you Safeway) "Mmmmmmm, it's delicious!" (We were celebrating Abbey's birthday last week...)

Shea, 2 - (admiring Ashley Tisdale in a music video) "I lub that gul. Pwetty." - translation: I love that girl, pretty.

I know everyone had something cute, funny, or precious to say this week...unfortunately, I forgot to document it!

Want to see what other little ones are saying?
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  1. I wish my 2 year old was speaking that well! He just does a lot of pointing and grunting! As much as we try to get him to speak, he'd rather not. I'm sure he'll be talking up a storm soon! :)

    Anyway, enough about me! You have a happy TTT!

    Nice to meet you, too! ;)

  2. I too wish I wrote everything down. So much is funny but it leaves my mind so quick as well.

  3. In answer to your question on my TTT post:

    We sign just for fun. It actually worked out well, though, as Nathan has had severe ear infections and probably had some trouble hearing before he got ear tubes. The drs. say that is probably why his speech is delayed as well. So, I'm certainly glad we started signing or things would be so much more frustrating than they already are!

    Thanks for stopping by!


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