Thursday, June 26, 2008

Photo Montage

This is my Tante (holding my Abbey). That's German for Auntie, and is what I called her when I was little. You might recognize her as my ever-faithful encourager and commenter, Lucille. She and my Uncle Barry came here (Alberta) from two provinces east in March. Just for the weekend. To join us at our women's retreat. And get this - she worked all weekend! You know how a heritage of faith beings in a family? With just one person who loves Jesus, faithfully praying and living it.

This is my goal weight (though I'd be willing to take 5-10 lbs less, too). I reached this weight in November of 2006, with the help of Weight Watchers. It wasn't too difficult, because I had an important goal in mind - you see, this picture was taken in the Domincan Republic! Our first (and only) exotic vacation. And yes, that probably is a beer in Pat's hand. We drink occasionally. Gasp! You'll get over it. Besides, it was all included. I especially enjoyed the slushy pina coladas. Probably why I gained back 5 lbs before we even made it home.

This is Malakai. He's spoiled. And darn cute. He likes to put he finds in his mouth. Did I mention how darn cute he is?!

This is Meg. As you can tell, she's a wee bit camera-shy. And Malakai looks nothing like her. (Kinda freakish, isn't it?)

There are a few more cuties in this brood, but I'll save them for another day. Uploading pictures on blogger can be a seriously aggravating experience! See ya tomorrow.


  1. you have a beautiful family:0)

  2. I've been featured, and affirmed, and blessed! What an exciting start to my day.

    And how I love those little cuties...wish I could see them more often.

    As you have blessed me, I want to bless you, and remind you of how tender you were towards God from a very young age, even when there was not a lot of spiritual influence in your life. You have always reached for, searched for, and perservered in your love relationship with God. It is thrilling to see you grow more beautiful every day.


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