Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm a Bad Mommy...

I received a card today - from another mom, while we were attending "Kindergrad" (apparently we must have a ceremony to commemorate the passing from no grade to first grade, but I'll save my opinion on such matters for another day).

The card said "thank-you for coming to [child's name will remain top secret]'s birthday party and for your generosity." Inserted in this card was a picture of said birthday child. Both mom and child signed the card.

Um, I have NEVER given a thank-you card for birthday parties/gifts or Christmas gifts - my fingers and toes tell me that I have officially missed 49 possible card-giving opportunities in the past 10 years! (I DID, however, remember to send out cards of thanks following our wedding and following baby showers and/or new baby gifts. So I'm not a complete failure!)

Oh, wait, did I mention that the birthday party was exactly 3 - that's THREE - days ago?! And...the entire kindergarten class was invited. And...I didn't stay (though I noticed a few of the good moms did).

By the way, I left our camera sitting on top of the microwave as we all ran out the door for Kindergrad. Which we arrived to...late.

Oh well, no one's perfect. Except for birthday girl's mom. Sheesh!

1 comment:

  1. oh too funny! I am so glad I am not the only "bad" mom around. *grin*


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