Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Living Well?

As I said last week, my weight-loss goals are renewed. I'm hoping that a bit of accountability and encouragement from other women trying to live a healthy lifestyle will help me to stay up here (you know, on the wagon), so I'm joining back up with Live Well Wednesday.

For my LWW buddies, I have a question... WHY IS THIS SO HARD?! Oh. my. goodness. I am pathetic! It seems that my maximum time period for self-control is about two days. On day three - I throw my hands up (toward my mouth as I stuff in potato chips and chocolate, Tim Horton's french vanillas and bread products of all sorts). Ack!

I decided not to weigh-in this week. Not that I think I'm way up, but I certainly can't have lost. And not that it's all about losing weight, except that it kinda is (grin).

Today, I am thinking of spending a good chunk of money. I am simply not well motivated on my own at home. I don't exercise. I eat well only when it's convenient. If I get right down to basics with it, I'm lazy! I'm too lazy to do it on my own. So I need to get to the gym (hopefully with a girlfriend - Kendra, are you still going strong?). And I need to get to weight watchers meetings, rather than just tracking my points and weight at home. I need to see others doing well to keep me trying (and I think I need to put some cash out to prevent the lazy temptation from taking over).

So here we go, me and my dear friend cheque book.

Gym Membership for one month - $38
Child-minding for up to 5 kids, 4 days per week, for one month - $150
Membership fee plus first monthly fee for Weight Watchers - $60
Total - $248
One month of hard-core, guilt-induced, don't spend all this money for nothing, fitness and healthy eating motivation - priceless.

Now accepting donations. :)


  1. Thanks for your kind words on my post.

    I fell off the wagon this week...Kentucky equals good pork barbeque..yummy! And other things I should have left alone...LOL!

    I wish I could get motivated to exercise, I really do!

    Hope you have a wonderful day!☺

  2. Haha, you're a very witty woman! I also notice you're Canadian ~ always great to meet a fellow Canuck!! (the Tim Horton's gave you away ~ a weakness of mine as well! Good thing the nearest one is almost 2 hours away!!)

    I struggle with motivation, too. Losing weight has always been much harder than I thought was absolutely necessary, but just think how incredibly invincible we'll feel when we've reached our goals!!

    YOU CAN DO THIS!! And I'm cheering for you.

  3. I can only keep my focus for about three weeks, and then it's about three months to three years off course. Anyway, today I am counting my points, no matter what it takes! Cheering you on!

  4. I don't know if this helps...but I have noticed if (and sometimes that is a big IF) I can follow points for 4 days straight, two things happen--my stomach shrinks so I don't feel as hungry AND if I overeat, I feel stuffed (you know, like I ate too much). But then, I really like to take one day at a time :0) Have a good week!

  5. I am with you sister. I too am lazy and need the motivation and structure. I think that Gym membership might be the thing for you. I pay for WW meetings and it helps me, although it is ALOT less than the expenses you listed!


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