Sunday, June 29, 2008

All work and no play

Looky! We might be getting a new camera. I took a few pictures of the construction zone for ya.

Check out my handsome and hard-working hubby. This whole roof project has been taking a LOT longer than anticipated. We're now onto day 13 or 14. To be honest, I've lost count. I'm exhausted from watching it all, so he must be dead on his feet. See that roof in the background? That's what our shingles were looking like 2 weeks ago (actually, I believe ours were worse).

Here they are now. Much better. You may be wondering about the multi-coloured appearance of our home... Originally, all the trim, soffit, fascia, and eaves were white (as is the siding that is on the front side of the house - this stuff on the back is stucco, which is also on the sides - I can't explain why, but all the houses in the neighbourhood were subject to this horrific trend) and the shingles were black. My vision for the future consists of dark beige siding and shingles (as close to beige as I could find), with black trim, eaves, etc. So we get to have this funky look for a year or two until re-siding the house fits our budget.

Don't you just love this awning on the front?! (Ohmygoodness, please ignore the table with empty slurpee cups.) It's new. Eventually the trees and flowers will go and there will be a veranda underneath the awning. Already, the face of our house is transformed! I really wish I had some before pictures, but the camera was not available when construction began, and who thinks to take a picture of the front of their house in the event that a renovation will occur?

I'm liking this new camera - what do you think?

Old Camera (auto mode),left side: New camera (auto), right side:

Weird. I assure you I was standing in the EXACT same spot. And I did not use the zoom. Though that first picture of Pat up top was zoomed with the new camera. Pretty, good, eh? Sadly, no matter how amazing the camera you use, a poor photographer can still totally screw up the shot (for example, by not noticing the table with junk on it, lol).


  1. I can tell a difference! What type of camera did you get?

  2. The old one is a Sony Cyber-Shot (6.0 megapixels). The possible new one is a Kodak (8.2 megapixels). It's got some cool features to play with. I'll have to try snapping some shots of the kids at the beach tomorrow to compare...

  3. Ummm, I need some blogging help... Something weird happened to my blog after I hooked up with Mr.Linky and the carnival. Can you e-mail me?


  4. I can definitely tell the difference....look at the sky!

    Isn't it fun to renovate (Barry might beg to differ!) He has been busy helping first Tyler & Tamara, then Wes & Mary Lou, and now Curt & Marilee want to add a wall downstairs.

    Give you mom a big hug for me!


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