Sunday, June 22, 2008

How NOT to Show Respect

I have another contribution to my bloggy carnival, so I figured - hey, why not put up another post?!

First, I must say that I'm already wiser! Bobbie taught me that I can show respect by cooking something special for my sweetheart. Or by doing a job that I might consider his, if he's busy doing an activity that's important to him (note: important to him, not me). Mary taught me that I can show respect by going to my husband for advice and help FIRST (even if he's not the family 'expert' on that topic). You girls rock! And I sure hope a few more awesome women join in with their suggestions. HINT HINT

A while ago, we added yet another baby to our family. Time passed and life got busy. Suddenly I realized that we were missing the ever-important 6-week old picture! The one I get done of all the kids. Oh dear! Whoa, hang on...this is sounding familiar. I'll be right back. Found it! I did post this story before. Click here to view it (you can scroll down to the final 2 paragraphs, right by the picture of said baby, and save yourself the time of reading the whole post). Interesting, though, that my 11th post ever is on the same topic as I'm on now...

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  1. sorry, i started this over the weekend, got sidetracked and somehow forgot about it. the biggest way to show my hubby respect that he appreciates the most is something that was the absolute hardest thing for me to learn to do. that was not questioning his judgement and his decisions. especially in front of the kids. it was so hard for me not to argue w/ him when i felt like he was wrong or just didn't understand what he had just seen and was now discipling them. may seem like a simple thing, but i didn't grow up in a christian home, so i learned all these things as i went along. he feels very disrespected and like i've taken the pants of the family away from him if that happens. i don't do it much anymore. and if i have a problem, i pray about it 1st and then talk to him latter in private.

    one kind of silly little way that i show him how great i think he is to brag about him, when he's in earshot:) you should see his head swell=0)


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