Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Back on Track

I made it to my WW meeting today. Well, not the meeting (I seldom stay for those), but to weigh in. Nothing says commitment like paying $16.80 to be weighed on someone else's scale!

I wasn't sure I would post for LWW this week, but since I'm feeling inspired and encouraged...

I had an amazing weekend in the mountains, but was concerned about how all that eating out would affect my goals. I have to be honest, when I'm at a resteraunt and someone else is paying, I'm less than likely to order the garden salad with low fat dressing. We enjoyed spinach dip (twice), a delectable brownie sundae, pasta and garlic toast, and many many Timmies.

BUT - I was very proud of myself because I did not completely binge! At each meal, I ate until I was full. I didn't once - really, not even once - eat to the point where I felt I needed to unbutton my pants and have a siesta. Even that amazing chocolate caramel brownie delight was abandoned, not even half eaten. Sigh. That was tough. Also, I guzzled my water (something about the altitude makes a girl thirsty). That had to help.

I was really hoping that the scale would simply remain unchanged. Please, please, don't let me have gained. To my surprise, I actually LOST! I am down by 0.6 of a pound from last Wednesday. Yay!

So I came home with renewed commitment. So far today, I have consumed 11 of my 23 points. I plan to eat BBQed chicken breast and salad for supper, in hopes of saving a few points for a small slice of rhubarb cake this evening. Mmmmmmm.

I can do this. I know it. I've done it before - 4 times! (Yes, I am aware that it would be better to avoid the excessive weight gain during pregnancy. Apparently I just don't care.) Ah, feels good to be back on track.

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  1. You can succeed, I am cheering for you.

  2. WAY TO GO!!! Do you get a new outfit when you reach your goal?

  3. Isn't that an awesome surprise to find you've lost when you were expecting a gain?! You were probably more active on the weekend than you realized.

    I'm actually having a blast doing WW this time. Five years ago when I did it for the first time, I don't really remember enjoying it ~ it was just something I thought I should be doing.

    This time, it feels more voluntary because I'm not paying for meetings or weigh-ins or anything. I'm just using all my old materials (good thing too ~ I just found out that these days, WW has decided onions have points!) and I'm strategizing the way that works best for me, not the way the WW leader tells me to.

    Yay for getting back on track and STAYING THERE!!!

  4. I am so glad to hear about your little surprise- losing after a vacation. That is a real treat.

    The color of my upstairs "office" is called Butter yellow by Behr paint. It is very light and you need a minimum of two coats. I used three. Its beautiful, very "creamy".

    I am going to e-mail you in a few days about women's ministry business!

    You keep up the great work! I know you are motivated since you had such a good week this week!


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