Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oh, How the Times Have Changed

Long, long ago in a land far, far away...

I had a little webspace called "Bebo." It was an interesting combination of personal profile information and status updates (akin to facebook) and a blog (you know, like here). I believe that My Space existed at this time, but fb was a relatively new phenomenon.

Here is what I posted on my Bebo blog on November 7, 2007:


Okay, I object! We already have one fantastic place to post all our info and blog - do we really need another? I don't do well with change, girls, and I'm also very loyal. The bebo folks have worked hard to develop this site and I don't want to turn my back on them (lol). All these facebook invites are stressing me out - is everyone abandoning bebo? Boohooo......

P.S. I still haven't totally got the bebo technology down - remind me how to invite friends (I tried, but it will only let me choose friends from my hotmail account - how do I invite friends from my contacts in outlook?)?

Three short years later, and I have 200+ "friends" and am taking a much needed break from fb for Lent due to my continual wasting of time there.

I guess it just goes to show - the new, shiny technology always wins out (no matter how loyal we claim to be). In three years you'll probably find me sitting with a (ahem, cough, sputter) Mac. *shaking head vigorously *


  1. great post! Have hope - I've been off Facebook for over a month and have no desire to get back on! God showed me how much of an idol I was allowing it to become while checking status updates before my quiet time! The need for thumbs up and approval was so great - I was seeking it in the wrong place!!

    keep blogging - great reads!

  2. Hi Tyler! I just saw you posted on the LPM blog today and thought I would say HI! How did your visit go after Houston?
    I had such a good time there with the women I met and we are still connected on a blog and doing the SLI book together.
    I'm hoping that Beth going to Toronto doesn't mean she won't come back to Vancouver in the future. She has been coming there every other year, at least since 2004 and this would have a year for her to be there but don't see it on her schedule. I haven't gone, was planning to in 2008 with my daughter and 2 daughters-in-law and then they felt they couldn't afford the flight so we didn't go.
    Hope you are settling in and enjoying your new home!

  3. I remember your resistance to Facebook and the good 'ol Bebo days. I'm glad you accepted the moving times :)


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