Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Big Guy

My first baby is twelve today. Hard to imagine that I have a pre-teen when I feel barely older than 20 myself! Happy birthday, Braeden!

Here are some signs that you - my firstborn - are growing up:

* I frequently find you leaning forward, staring at your reflection in the mirror above the bathroom counter. When I ask what in the world you are doing, your reply is always, "I'm looking to see if I have hair on my face yet. Right here, Mom (pointing above your upper lip), do you see it?"

* Family outings, while still enjoyable once you're there, no longer hold much appeal for you. It takes a great deal more effort than I'd like to get you to come along. I am just thankful that you still seem to have a good time when we arrive!

* Your love for video games and all other things electronic surpasses your love for your dog. Poor Daisy!

* I notice your shoulders broadening and your waist getting thicker with each new clothing purchase. Those ribs of yours don't stick out at all anymore!

* Every now and then, you seem to actually care if your hair is messy!

* You are a fierce protector of your younger siblings, and there have been a few times recently where I've had to remind you which one of us is the parent of those 4 little monkeys.

Son, I am proud of you! You truly are growing up, and if I'm completely honest, I have hardly a glimmer of sadness about it. I enjoy seeing you emulate your Dad in many things. I love to watch you lead your sisters with pride and confidence. And I especially love the fact that - even though you are "almost a teenager" (your words), you still gladly hugged me and said, "I love you, Mom!" when I dropped cupcakes at your school today. ;)

I almost forgot the #1 sign that you're growing up - you almost never let me take your picture anymore!


  1. Awww! Happy Birthday!! So old so very fast, huh?

  2. Next year I'll totally cry with you when our March babies become teenagers, K? But for now 12 is fun. Happy Birthday Braeden!

  3. Happy Birthday to your Big Guy! My oldest will also be turning 12 this year-definitely unchartered territory ahead! Thx for visiting my blog!


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