Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Really Random Facts

I was over at the LPM Blog this morning, and we were asked to participate in a little fun - post 10 tidbits about ourselves. Of course I did it, because I am a "joiner." After I commented, listing the same 10 things about me I think of whenever one of those posts comes up, I read through a few of the comments. Man, people are so much more creative than I am! Seriously funny things in there. I found myself reading a number of them and saying, "Me, too! Why didn't I think to put that down?" So I decided to steal all the good ones that apply to me and share them with you (because you all really want to know ridiculous, random things about me, right?) In addition to being a "joiner," I am apparently an idea thief. ;)

* I have an odd affinity for shopping for school and office supplies. (In fact, it's the only kind of shopping I enjoy.)
* I am completely directionally impaired. Sadly, it was only a few years ago that I learned the sun rose in the East.
* Using multi-coloured pens (or in the computer age, colour-coded labels) on my calendar makes me very happy.
* I spent most of my teenage years pumping gas.
* At the young age of 32, I have just discovered what eyeliner can do for me!
* At the slightly younger age of 31, I finally quit biting my nails to the quick. I do, however, continue to gnaw away at the cuticles.
* Do not read over my shoulder. Ever. Especially if I'm writing. Actually, if I'm writing you are safest to back out of the room and go far, far away. You may not ever read anything that is in progress!
* Toilet paper belongs OVER the roll. If I use your washroom, you will discover that I have corrected the roll for you.
* I still periodically have nightmares starring the alien from "Signs."
* I used to bite my toenails. The only thing stopping me now is Pat's disgust and my children's big mouths.
* I love making "To Do" lists. I usually add tasks to my list that I have already completed that day, just so I can cross something off right away.
* It is a bad idea to talk to me in the early morning before I've had coffee. I just can't help myself from glaring at you.
* As a child (an only child until the age of 12), I would entertain myself by pretending I was the narrator/star of a show on Discovery. I especially enjoyed narrating my cooking show while in the bathtub.
* If you touch my feet - even accidentally - I will kick you. I'm sorry; it's as instinctive as the sucking reflex in babies.
* The one thing I have always wanted to buy is a label maker.
* I never make my bed.
* I do NOT like new foods. Until my teenage years, I had never ordered anything but a grilled cheese and fries (with gravy on the side) from a restaurant.
* When I finish reading a good fiction novel, I will begin to panic slightly if there is not another book in my house.
* Though I have a degree in psychology, when asked about post-secondary education I almost always advise against a 4-year program.
* I cannot wear yellow or green or anything with those undertones. They make me look deathly ill.
* I cannot wear purple (or use it to decorate my house) simply because I hate it that much!
* In my first year of driving I hit a dog, a deer, and another vehicle. I also got 2 speeding tickets.
* Since then, I have backed into a concrete barrier and a fence. I have also gotten many more speeding tickets (thanks to the modern-day miracle of photo radar).

There you have it - 23 things about me that you have not likely ever found on this blog before. All true facts. As Amanda Moore has been known to say, "You are dumber now!" You're welcome.

If you can't resist finding out more useless information about yours truly, you will locate said facts here, here, and here.

Oh, and to answer the question in this post, Deb got it right! The thing that 5 out of 6 Canadians under the age of 18 have never used is....POSTAGE STAMPS! Go over and visit Deb's brand, spankin' new blog - Invisigirl - and cheer her on in this new adventure. 'Kay?

Here's the funny thing: The prize I had in mind was a book that I accidentally ordered and am too lazy to return. Given the fact that Deb accidentally ordered the same wrong book (on my advice), I am guessing she won't want a second copy. Deb, in lieu of that really great prize, you are the lucky winner of a visit from me and five raucous children in just two days! ;)


  1. Okay - you were just made to be a boss/leader/ administrator of some kind if office supplies turn your crank!! I am killing myself laughing pictureig the damage you could do if I tried to read over your shoulder while playing "footsies" with you... Just so you know the whole purple comment has now caused a deep, irreparable scar in our friendship - how could you? Purple is my color and the color of royalty... God is my king.... feel bad yet?! Lastly, after having you "fix" my toilet paper rolls before, I actually wonder if you've been to places before me to help out when I see a roll going over. There are "Tyler-isms" everywhere in my world!

  2. love your post . . . I haven't joined in yet, but your post makes me want to.

  3. Postage stamps??? How do they mail letters??

    I guess you were horrified at my house since I made you 1. go shopping 2. try new food and 3. sleep in a room with yellow and purple folwer bedding and then 4. you made your bed! HA!

    On another note.... you know how I love I love- LOVE- a list and a labelmaker!

  4. AWESOME! I, too panic as the end of my book draws near and usually make my hubbs run out to get me another. I ADORE office supplies but refuse to buy them because my Dad has "Office Supply Sickness" and I refuse to be like him - lol! And there is no one around me who does not know not to even speak until the morning joe has hit the lips! So sad - lol!
    Thx for your random facts!!

  5. I too feel an incredibly strong urge to fix people's wrong hanging toilet paper rolls - but I do usually resist.

    And purple....that's the favorite color of one of daughters (and obviously a friends) so you better get over it.

    And while I totally like random facts, I cannot get over that you confessed the toe nails! Somethings are just not meant to be shared.

    Hey - and you're visiting Deb this weekend??!@! I thought you were visiting me.


  6. I use mutt-colored pens, labels and post it notes! I know that I wasn't alone!

  7. Clearly I have some things to answer for!

    1. Shopping with a friend is not a chore. I considered it a social outing. :)
    2. While I came prepared for the trying of new food, I must confess that the sight of that sandwich thingie (muffalo?) pretty much knocked me over. And my stomach is still paying its dues for all that fried yumminess. The king cake - totally worth stepping out on a limb for!
    3. I didn't even notice the bedding, just the gift of hospitality. We were so amazed that virtual strangers would welcome us the way you and Tim did that we were oblivious to the (unfortunate) colours of your spare room bedding. Heehee.
    4. Okay, okay. I do make the bed when it belongs to someone else.

    F (aka Mom):
    1. Toenails - It's so disgusting it's funny. I had to share. ;)
    2. Don't care who likes purple. I stand behind my original opinoin. Hate it.
    3. Yes, visiting you AND Deb all in one weekend! How lucky am I?

    And for all those curious about the postage stamp thing... I think it comes down to the fact that, with today's technology of texting, email, facebook, etc., letters are no longer necessary.

  8. I am SO, SO with you on the toilet paper roll thing, being directionally impaired (I actually got lost in a subdivision today when I tried to go back to retrieve my son), panicking over a book ending and not wanting anyone over my shoulder while on the computer. (This goes for someone staring at me while on the phone too, I need to go into another room and pace to have a decent conversation). Thanks for sharing!


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