Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Changing Old Patterns

I have a fairly routine life. I like it that way. In fact, I need it that way. If I don't have a schedule, nothing gets done!

There is a time in my day - each day - that I tend to leave blank on the schedule. Nap time. (No, I don't typically nap - but I have a stinkin' adorable two-year-old who does.) I feed the two youngest kids lunch, I put Bam-Bam down for his nap, I set up a movie for his older sister, and then it's "me time."

Around 1pm each day, I make my lunch and sit down at the computer to enjoy it. The plan is to do some blog reading and/or facebook surfing while I eat and digest, then to get up and be productive again. But I really have nothing scheduled for that time slot... So most days I surf blogs and facebook until 3 or 3:30pm. That's two-and-a-half hours of which less than one full hour is being used well.

And that is why I've decided to give up facebook for Lent. (I even had Pat go on and change my password last night, because I know I am weak and too easily give in to temptation.)

I don't know that fb causes any separation in my relationship with God. But I do know that it keeps me from being productive. I am not taking care of my home, I am not writing, I am not exercising, I am not really even thinking. Therefore, it is successfully preventing me from doing two or three very key things that I KNOW are God's will in my life.

I have a tendency towards procrastination and laziness, so I am aware how easy it would be for me to find another mindless task to fill those afternoon hours. To prevent that from happening, I plan to establish a new routine. I will still sit down for my lunch and read the blogs I love, but once I am done I will walk away from the computer and go to the solitude and sanctuary of my room. There I will take some time for intercessory prayer (which I don't do near enough of anyway) - I will let God direct how long I spend there. And following my prayer time I will do one of the three above-mentioned activities: exercise, write, or care for my home. Five days a week for a little over six weeks.

Hopefully, at the end of the season of Lent, I will look just a little bit less like me and a little more like Him.

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  1. Wow! Love your for thought.

  2. This is a great thing! And it is so great that you recognize your need for an accountability partner. That has made the biggest difference for me and my time on the computer!! Enjoy your Lentin Facebook freedom!

  3. Wonderful post - I love FB and Blogging as it keeps me sane!

  4. You are amazing. Way to force yourself to be productive. You are an inspiration (although not so much of one that I am prepared to give up fb, can't do it). If you were to give up blogging, I may put up a stink!! lol

  5. I am always looking for that balance...first things first.

    Good ideas...thanks and good luck!

  6. I am with you sister! I prayed last night and God told me that FB is really a mindless behavior which I need to replace with diving into the Word. So during our household quiet time I will be reading and studying and not on the computer. God gives us the fruit of self control to be more disciplined. My fruit is ripening and I am a tree that wants to be known by my fruit...through God we can break habits, even FB habits :)

  7. I gave up facebook 13 months ago, the first few weeks were weird, I didn't even realize that I was so addicted to it and how much time I spent "checking in" until I gave it up. It was then that I started my blog, as a replacement but also as a way to stay in touch with my friends and continue to share thoughts and stories. I think you will find that you blog more often now that you aren't wasting time on facebook!

    I think you made the right decision!



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