Friday, March 12, 2010

Is it Politically INcorrect to Treat My Kids Like Dogs?

As I begin to seriously consider diving back in to the adventure of potty training, I am reminded of some of the best parenting advice I ever stumbled upon... (Taken from "Dogs for Dummies.")

Here are the top 5:

#1 - Resolve that you must train your dog child, and that training is not a one-shot deal, but an intrinsic and ongoing part of the promise you make to your dog child when you bring her into your life.

#2 - Never let your puppy toddler do anything you wouldn't want a grown dog teenager to do.

#3 - Remember that preventing bad habits is easier than fixing them later.

#4 - If you want your puppy kid to learn, you need to be consistent about what's acceptable behavior and what's not. Follow through with the ground rules, every time. No letting things slide because you're tired [or] because he's cute.

#5 - If your puppy two-year old has been running around for a long time and just seems bratty, he may be tired. If that's the case, put him down for a nap in his crate crib. Ignore his fussing. Chances are he'll be asleep in a few minutes.

Good stuff, right?

In short form, here is the puppy housetraining method:
- Use a crate/cage/kennel.
- Puppy stays in kennel all the time, unless under your direct supervision.
- Bring puppy out frequently to visit the bathroom zone, to drink, to be played with, and to bathroom again.
- Lock puppy in crate.
- Feed and water puppy on a strict schedule so that you can predict when it needs to "go."
- Praise with exuberance when puppy does what you want and where you want.
- As time goes on (a couple weeks, at least), your puppy will begin to tell you when it needs to go outside, and you can gradually lessen the amount of crate time and supervision.
- If puppy regresses, go back to the basics.

So, do you think I can move Daisy out of her crate for a couple weeks and move Kai in (with his potty, of course)??? ;)


  1. LOL! Children are so very trainable - just like dogs. But my mom (not a believer) gets sooo offended when I use that word towards the kids. "They aren't DOGS!" she says.
    But I say that it IS very biblical to train your kids in the manner of which the dog book speaks! They learn by repetition, consistency and love - just like dogs!
    Don't know how it's go over to move your child into the dog crate however - lol!!!

  2. I think you might get in trouble for putting a child in the crate...maybe just crazy glue his bottom to the potty.LOL

  3. today is turning into a lock "puppy" in crate kinda day as my toddler runs around spanking everyone and thing with the spanking spoon!

    good times!

  4. hahaha! I love it! I actually want you to put Kai in the crate... if I know Kai... he'll sit there with a goofy grin looking adorable plotting his revenge quietly and sweetly...

  5. Of course - I think it is perfectly acceptable :)

    That is perfect!!!

  6. Glad to have found you on today's link through God Speaks Today.

    Funny post. I think I did pretty well training our daughters (now 28 and 25), but I am very certain I would have been a very bad dog trainer. Good luck. :)

  7. Oh honey...I'm in the middle of potty training my LAST child right now. She was doing really well, until I started taking advantage of pull-ups in the day time. I don't know what I was thinking. It only took about 3 days for Elliana to realize she could pee in her pull up and not make a mess. Duh.

    I never considered a cage. But that could help me on so many levels.

    Thanks for linking up with me today. You rock.


  8. It was nice to find you on God Speaks Today. My kids are older but when they were babies I did have them on routines which helped tremendous! We got a puppy last year but fortunately he was already poddy trained. Thank the Lord!


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