Friday, March 19, 2010

True Confessions

The Tooth Fairy in this house is likely the most negligent TF you've ever heard of.

Megan has now lost 4 teeth.

The first one was easy to remember, because TF put a post-it note on the fridge to help remind her to exchange tooth for money. The second was special because the doctor pulled it out under anaesthetic just before removing her tonsils and adenoids. (TF has a special place in her heart for these kinds of situations and pays double for those teeth.)

Tooth #3, which was lost at school on Monday, was a little trickier. Now, before we get too down on TF, she did have the foresight to stop at the store and get a loonie (that's a Canadian $1 coin, for my US friends) that day. But that loonie was left, forgotten in TF's wallet until 3am, at which time a groggy Megan woke up and came to inform said TF her Mother that TF had not yet come to do the exchange. The issue was dealt with the moment Meg fell back asleep.

Wednesday, while at school, Meg yanked out tooth #4. TF, once again, wisely ensured that she had a loonie on hand.

This post was written on Thursday morning at 6:55am. It was inspired by two big, brown, tear-filled eyes and a forlorn little girl's early-morning voice squeaking out, "The Tooth Fairy didn't come. She forgot about me!"

But before you feel too bad for her (or too judgemental about TF's slacking off around this house), you can know that she was reassured by these words, "Oh dear! You know, this isn't the first time that the Tooth Fairy has fallen asleep on the job. Just ask Braeden - I think the Tooth Fairy fell asleep and forgot about his lost teeth two or three times! But you know what she did? When she woke up in the morning and realized her terrible mistake, the Tooth Fairy always came while Braeden was at school. And with his money she would leave him a not of apology. So go make sure your tooth is still where it should be, because when that Tooth Fairy wakes up - is she ever going to feel foolish!"

Meg smiled, giggled a bit, and asked her mother to make sure that NO ONE enters her room while she's at school today.

Phew. Another bullet dodged. This double-identity stuff can get pretty hard core!


  1. When this TF forgot, I examined the tooth the next morning, and informed my sad little boy that she only took nicely polished teeth. It must be that his tooth needed more polishing. So, my little boy spent the whole day polishing up his little tooth, and the next morning, sure enough, the TF had taken his treasure and left a special payment for that specially polished tooth.

  2. This is so cute. We must have the same TF, because she has done the same thing at our house several times throughout the years. Maybe she is just getting senile in her old old age :o)

  3. I loved this! The tooth fairy at our home tends to be forgetful also and has been known to slip the treat under the pillow as they are waking the child up! When we get on that losing teeth roll, our TF may come during school hours also. Great idea!h

  4. You're a much better TF than me. I lowered the expectation a long time ago and simply explained that it's a fun little fairytale game. I still *pretend* but they know it's me and enjoy it. Only advantage now is that they remind me to put it under their pillow. Heh.

    I know that the majority of our society plays the toothfairy, Easter bunny, Santa thing but I never really have to the degree of a full on belief. Something about telling the truth and making it a fun albeit game is better for us. Then again.. I've always swam against the grain. :)

    Love ya, Tyler

  5. Oh, I laughed out loud at this post. Do you know what that silly TF did at our house many moons ago? First off, she "dropped" the treasure off the back of the bed by the headboard which for some reason I was the only one to see. Phew! The next time, that silly goose, I mean fairy, left it under Daddy's pillow. We ran around checking under every pillow in all the bedrooms and don't you know she got the wrong room. Directionally challenged TF, I guess, just like me.


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