Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sharing the Love

Selecting blogs to pass these awards on to was more difficult than I expected!

I'm supposed to choose 5 for one award and 7 for the other. For obvious reasons I don't spend time reading too many blogs, and many I do read I'm more of a 'lurker.' So, if you receive this award from me and you're thinking, "who is this odd person?" I will understand. But you may as well write up an acceptance speech and pass it along. I mean, an award is an award, right?!

The Arte y pico award is passed on to those who inspire others with their creative energy and talents in writing, artwork, design or contributions to the blogging community. I would like to pass this award to the following bloggers:

Jenny @ The Wagner Family. She and her hubby have five beautiful kidlets, and together they are raising them to be Godly young people. She has many tips and tidbits for other parents (and 2 other blogs totally focussed on parenting), and she has personally taken her time to email me some amazing suggestions for dealing with sibling rivalry. (Hopefully she'll post those on her blog soon. *wink)

Angie @ Bring the Rain. Angie and her husband have been blessed with four darling daughters, one of whom is in Heaven. She has openly and honestly blogged throughout her difficult pregnancy and loss, faithfully drawing others to the Lord with every word. Her writing is real and sometimes raw, and her heart is poured into every post.

Jenni @ One Thing. Jenni is mother to t-w-e-l-v-e children! Uh-huh. So the ways she inspires are obvious! But Jenni is also a gifted writier with a knack for finding the humour in everything. We could all learn a lot from her. :)

Dori @ Your Word is Life to Me. I love visiting Dori's blog, because I can be assured that there are words of wisdom and encouragement posted each day. Her blog blesses me, and I hope you, too!

Fred and Ethan @ One Project Closer. Yes, I do read stuff that is not written by moms! These guys (and their wives) blog their way through home improvement. Since we live in a perpetual state of renovation, I love to learn how to do the job right from these guys. This summer they're hosting some 'Before and After' posts by guest bloggers - and with each post they are donating $25 to Habitat for Humanity. Good guys, and smart, too!

Here's what you do with it:
- Pick five blogs you consider deserving of this award, whether for creativity, design, interesting material, or contributions to the blogging community, no matter what language.
- Name each nominee and link to his/her blog.
- Show the award and include the name of the person who presented you with this award. (And link to his/her blog.)
- Link to the Arte y pico blog so everyone knows the origin of this award.
- Post these rules.

I'll just mention again that I received this award from Bobbie @ 40 Shades of Pink. She's awesome! I love Mondays because I can steal all of her meal plan ideas. Bobbie is encouraging and inspiring, which is why she was the recipient of this award previously.

The Brillante Weblog Premio 2008 award is going to the following:

Mary @ Not Before 7. Mary rules. She is a great mom, she's funny, she brings us Tiny Talk Tuesday every week, and I can't go a day without checking up on her!

Judi @ Doodlebug Designs. Judi is a talented blog designer, as you can see by her completed projects (and my new, gorgeous page). If you've been dying to get your own look for your blog, she's got the skills to make it happen! I also love how willing she is to offer her talent for free for a good cause.

Kris @ Doulangel. Kris is a new doula, dedicated to natural birth and related issues. She's also a wife and mother, and a fun friend. All these parts of her are mixed up on her blog, giving a great mix of laughter and food for thought.

Kristin @ One Sock at a Time. All I can say is - she is the real deal. Homeshcooling mom and wife, aging parent, drop-dead gorgeous. Someone I could probably really resent if she weren't so darn sweet. :)

Mary @ Owlhaven. Another mother to many, she's got 10 kids - 4 by birth and 6 by love. I enjoy finding out how they balance it all and keep things going smoothly. And it's always nice to get a few laughs!

Cindy @ Still His Girl. I've enjoyed reading Cindy for some time. She has the most beautiful children you'll ever lay eyes on (next to mine, of course), with the most beautiful thing about them all is their unabashed love of Jesus.

Scott @ Honey I Fed the Kids. This is Cindy's very hilarious husband. Go ahead and try to read without laughing out loud - I dare you! Great stuff, people, really!

Here's what you do with this one:
- Put the logo on your blog.
- Link to the person you received your award from.
- Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
- Put links to those blogs on your site.
- Leave messages on the blogs you've nominated.

Another thank-you out to Christie (it's Christie, not Christine, don't mess it up like her hairdresser does) @ Baby Tea Leaves for sending me this award. If you're looking to lose some weight before the Christmas season, you definitely want to see what Christie's got goin' on...


  1. You're so sweet. Thank you so much! And yes, Kristin is near perfect. (Did you know she lives right across the street so I spy on her all the time?) And did know you she's about 4 feet tall and 50 pounds? She's the tiniest little thing.

  2. Thanks so much for the honor!!!

    Mary, mom to 10

  3. Ooooh, I didn't know those things aobut Kristin! Though I did think she looked petite. Unfair...

  4. hey thanx!! i need to check some more of those blogs out:) i have been reading you w/ google reader and hadn't seen your new look. it's really cute!

  5. hahaha! you're so funny. and WOW!! I LOVE THE NEW LOOK!!! IT'S AWESOME!!

  6. Thanks!!! We'll have to think of some worthy bloggers to pass this on to! It's an honor to have others think our blog is worthwhile.. Tomorrow we're running our first video post...we hope folks like that too...


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