Saturday, August 2, 2008

Lots of Vacation Pictures, part 1

Dutch Bros Coffee. Mmmmmm. We had to take a pic of the funny spout - felt like I was drinking out of a sippy cup. There are little drive-through coffee stands all over - not quite like Tim Horton's - more personable and quaint. But Dutch Bros (mostly in Oregon and northern California) was by far the best! Now accepting investors to open a branch in Red Deer...

The beheading of Dad. In the torture chamber of the big castle in the Enchanted Forest. If you're ever near Revelstoke, BC this is a fun place to visit - it's all the fairy tale characters built right into the natural forest. The kids had a BLAST!

On our first day in Reno, Pat's brother was golfing in the Pro-Am (that's a tournament where each professional golfer does a round with a group of amateurs). Pat was the caddy, and did an awesome job (especially considering he felt like death warmed over due to a killer head cold). Their team, with pro golfer Robert Gamez, won at 18 under par!

This evacuation sign is by far the most hilarious thing I have ever seen!

All for you, my dedicated readers, all for you. :)

Admiring the Takkakaw Falls from afar. It was so great to get up close and feel the spray - beautiful!

You may have noticed the random order of these pictures. That's due to the pain I experience when trying to manipulate the mouse on this laptop. Maybe I should make a game out of guessing the correct order...with a prize...something super-cool. Whatcha think?!

More to come...


  1. It looks like your family had a great time on vacation!

    The coffee cup spout looked weird! Not sure I would have liked enjoying my cup o joe with a spout!

  2. Looks like so much fun!
    love the pics
    Enjoy your trip...miss ya


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