Monday, August 25, 2008

I Hate Hormones

If my girls are anything like me on hormones, look out world. I am so moody. Grouchy, teary, pathetic. Poor Pat!

Now that I've told you mine... What's your secret problem that no one but your hubby knows?


  1. oo...secret...I am a very poor patient..i turn into this whinny two year old when I am not feeling well...where is my soother?!

  2. Pain or illness that goes on for three or more days - I just can't take it. I act horribly, impatient, whiny, frustrated. I go spinning in circles. I'm worse than my two year old when he's hungry.

    My sister, who has 3, told me (when my cycle went haywire 14mos after my 2nd): "Oh, yeah. I forgot to tell you. The hormones are stronger after you have more kids."

  3. I still have "baby bladder" which is a terrible problem when I run long distances. yep. gross. I know. Now everyone knows!! hahaha
    I also have that same problem with hormones.


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