Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jesus Christ, Superstar!

I was amazed to see this while driving through the Montana mountains. We were flying along at 75 mph, when I gasped and pointed. though we were on a winding road with guard rails along the side, Pat gave in to my request that he pull over so I could get a non-blurry picture.

Jesus, on the mountain. Beautiful. Breath-taking.

It did take some explaining for the kids to realize that this wasn't the real Jesus, but I think they got it. Jesus is in our hearts, and we'll see Him in Heaven. This is a statue. At least I thought they got it, until we got home and Grandma asked about their trip. Shea, her little-girl voice filled with awe and excitement, says, "We saw Jesus, Grandma!"

Apparently, the old fella who owns this mountain (and the toxic mine within), decided to round up some sponsors and assemble a 200-foot tall statue of Jesus (he wanted the statue to be composed of Italian marble and lit at night, but I have no idea if this is the case). His plans included a Chapel, and a crucifix, to the tune of $40 million dollars. Again, no idea where he's at with those plans. For the whole story, click right here.

All I can say is this - thank-you, Mr. Arman!!! What a beautiful reminder of Who is watching over us, of Who created those amazing mountains.


  1. WOW!! that is reason enough to go to Montana.

  2. Ahhh... Beautiful Butte, MT. I went to college in Bozeman and would drive through Butte on my home (N Idaho). That was 20 years ago and the statue was there then (and I believe it is lit at night). I always wanted to go see it close up, but never made it before I moved to California.

    Glad to see it's still there!


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