Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our Newest Addition

Daisy thinks Kai is a puppy. Kai thinks Daisy is a baby. They seem to find nothing disgusting or unhygienic in sharing toys and food. Mommy has the sanitizer very handy!

The big kids are enjoying their puppy. They are all learning how to command her and teach her to stay "off" rather than running and screaming.

Gosh, all this running and playing is exhausting!

On a side note, I believe that we may have found the smartest dog - ever! She is doing GREAT with the house training. She will obey "off" and "sit" coming from any member of our family. She is even learning "come" and "go to bed" (but only for me so far - I'm the big boss, lol). And she's not even 10-weeks old yet! Feel free to leave many comments on the amazingness of our puppy...these will help me during the days when she is naughty. :)


  1. Too cute! Our Golden Retriever Wylie is doing fairly well too. I know exactly what you mean when you say she thinks the baby is another puppy...Wylie does the same thing with our little Asher. Great job on the training!!

  2. Found your blog through Owlhaven. I think that Golden Retrievers are just super smart. We got ours in July and she was fully potty trained by about 13 weeks. Now, she's 19 weeks and HUGE (where does that puppy face go??) and can sit, stay, and shake on command. Well, most of the times she shakes - if her princess self is feeling like it :)

    Anyway, I've enjoyed looking through your blog!

    Kim in Oregon


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