Monday, August 11, 2008

All Better Now

The cure has been successful. I no longer have even the most fleeting desire for another baby. Not sure what did it, exactly. Could be the 4am pee time. Maybe it's the constant loud, deep "no" I need to repeat 4000 times in a 2-hour period - to both babies. Perhaps the sheer exhaustion of coordinating 8 bodies in one small house, one of who's movements are reminiscent of Tigger (you know, "bouncy, bouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!"). Totally cured.


  1. I have left a comment on the Wagner Family blog . . . I too am curious as to her suggestions.

    I will keep you posted if I hear anything.

    If you click through to one of the other blogs by the wagner family it appears there is some sort of "study."

    Let me know what you find out!

  2. haha! i am in that same boat.

    (ps. i left you a little bling on my blog)

  3. Oh girl...glad we are not alone in the "no no no" catagory.

    YOu are a hard working momma!


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