Monday, July 7, 2008

The Others - Another Montage

Sorry, this is not a post about Lost. I wish it were, because I LOVE Lost, but we're in re-run season. Sigh.

This is for the other kids. Last week I featured a couple brown-eyed beauties for you. This week I've got a couple blue-eyed beauties and their b.i.g. brother (who, by the way, is suffering from a strange disorder of the hollow leg - the boy eats three servings at supper!).

Abbey is 6. She thinks she knows everything - especially better than her parents. She is so like me it's frightening! She looks like me. (Can't really tell she's got blue eyes here, but she does.) She thinks like me. She acts like I did as a child. All I can say is, "oh dear!"

Here's Shea. This look is always accompanied by shrieks and giggles. Shea is our enigma child. She doesn't really resemble anyone in our family. She has the hugest eyes ever - and already knows how to use them to get her way with Daddy.

Braeden is seldom convinced to pose for pictures these days. He is ten, after all. In a rare moment we captured him having some fun with his sisters. Braeden has a great sense of humour (got that from his Dad), and he cracks us all up around the dinner table.

These are the Three Sisters. Because no photo montage is complte without an amazing, up-close picture of the mountains. This was the view from our hotel room balcony when we were sent to Canmore. Ahhhhhhh. Beauty, peace, and the majesty of God. Have I mentioned how I love the mountains?!


  1. well from the pics i've seen of you she does look like you. you have cute kids!!

  2. Beautiful eyes! Your kids are cutie patooties! (you have to forgive me - I have been watching Laverne and Shirley and she says "patooty" a lot!

  3. The kids are sweet, but I want to say "thank you" for the photo of the "Three Sisters". I have read of them in books, but never once have seen them. I can see why youlove the mountains, and your sweet family.
    Cindy P :)

  4. I love that name braedon! it's really cool! what beautiful kids -- man those are some eyes!!

    i love the mountains. it always makes me chuckle that i live in florida -- the flattest land in all the earth. when truly, i belong in the mountains. i love them.


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