Monday, July 28, 2008

Lessons from the Road

Here are a few things I've learned along the way...

- Unpacking every evening and packing every morning is not fun, but you get really good at it after a couple days.

- Washington is far more beautiful than I would have ever imagined.

- Day 3 on the road with kids is THE WORST!

- Oregon beaches are unbelivable - massive rock formations, crashing surf, live starfish sticking to the rocks when the tide's out. Wow! Lovin' it!

- Just when you finally think you're going to get a couple straight hours of driving in, someone has to pee.

- If you give your small children a roll of quarters and make them pay you for bad behaviour, it doesn't take long before they realize being good is a better idea.

- Just when you've walked down approximately 300 stairs to the beach, someone has to go poop. Doing 300 stairs - both ways - twice - is really good exercise.

- It is impossible to eat well camping. IMPOSSIBLE!

- If you want seven people to sleep in a cabin built for four, you must make sure everyone is super-super tired.

- No matter how late you keep them up, babies still like to rise at the crack of dawn.

- These are the moments life-long memories are made of.

- KOA (Kampgrounds of America) are everywhere. And they are great! Clean, clean, clean, and a pool in practically every location. What could be better?!

(Pictures coming on next post. Wireless connection is way too slow for uploading tonight.)


  1. And I here I assumed you were off to Saskatchewan or something! Craziness! Are you stopping in Oregon or heading to California? How long are you gone for? Have a blast....

  2. Just because it may be awhile before they answer - I'll fill you in. They're off to Reno to visit Pat's brother and his family (wife and three kids). They're travelling approximately 6 hours each day with one attraction stop for a couple of hours each day and a swim at night. Five days of travel to get there - a week of visiting and then a humongous two day marathon drive home. (Couldn't do it myself)


  3. wow, that is some trip! i envy all the fun, but not the traveling w/ babies;)

  4. Hello, I emailed you a couple weeks ago, and hadn't heard back from you.. so I was wondering if my email even made it through to you...? I am the "anonymous" that commented on raisingfive's blog, and then you asked to hear more about me.
    ~Beth Ann


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