Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Anniversary Gift

I may have mentioned that today is my anniversary. Well, technically it's not MY anniversary - it's OUR anniversary. Pat and I, that is. Nine years married. I can hardly believe it's been so long - almost a decade. Yet it feels like the time flew by so quickly that I can't even comprehend how we've arrived here.

In honour of this special day, I want to tell you a bit about our marriage...

We did things in the wrong order, not the way God intended for them to be. We discovered we were expecting a baby, and a few months later moved in together. Those months during my pregnancy were tough. You know how I get a wee bit of PMS? Well, multiply the hormones coursing through my body exponentially... Oh, poor Pat. I was a wreck. This is one of the many reasons I love him beyond measure - Pat stuck with me through my crying, yelling, pouting hysterics. He is a good man.

When Braeden was a year-and-a-half old, we had our big day. The time preceding that big day was no walk in the park, though. That's how it can be when you don't do things God's way - rough, tough, and painful. We fought. A LOT. It wasn't nice. Here's another reason I love Pat - he was totally committed. No matter how rocky things got, he was definitely in this thing for life. (I've never felt more special and loved than the day I told him I thought we should just call it quits and he told me that 'divorce was not an option.')

Over the past nine years, I have discovered a million things I love about Pat, as we've grown and learned together. But the thing about Pat that I love the most is his deep commitment to me, our marriage, and our family. He is willing to do whatever it takes to show his love. He makes me feel absolutely precious. Honestly, there aren't words to describe what that does to a girl! Here's just a few highlights:

Our first year of marriage, 1999-2000: Pat took his job of providing for our family seriously, and made sure we were able to have the things we needed (and some nice little extras that we wanted).

2000-2001: Pat cheered me on and supported me while I finished my university degree. I was in school full-time, working Saturdays (for the experience), and volunteering about 10 hours per week - and he never complained. Not once!

2001-2002: Pat and I had the joyful experience of 'planning' a baby together. In spite of my 'issues' while pregnant with Braeden, Pat was willing to endure another nine months to make me happy.

2002-2003: We moved to Calgary for Pat's work. He knew it was hard for me, so he made sure I got to come back to Red Deer lots. And after the birth of Megan, when we realized I was struggling with post-partum depression, he didn't even hesitate - we moved back immediately. Pat has always made sure I know that I am a priority in his life.

2003-2004: My man again showed his commitment to our marriage by taking me on a 'Marriage Enrichment' weekend hosted by our Church. (We all know how much of stretch that must have been, but for me he did it. Absolute sweetheart - that's Pat. BTW, this was a life-changing experience, so if you've never gone to one - DO IT!)

2004-2005: Pat had a vasectomy after Megan was born, as we both thought we had our hands full enough. When I told him I was expecting baby #4, he reacted with joy. No questions, no doubts, no disappointment. What he didn't say told me that he loved me more than any words.

2005-2006: This year was a difficult one for me in ministry. I was worn out and feeling beaten down. But Pat wouldn't let me give up! He pushed me forward, he comforted me, and he prayed for me. He affirmed my role in ministry - even though it took my time away from him and the kids. When there was ministry stuff to do, Pat would take care of everything at home and send me away - guilt-free. What a blessing! (He still does that today. For our last women's retreat, he even insisted that I leave the 6-month-old baby at home with him.)

2006-2007: You may have heard that Pat only wanted one child... But he has embraced our big family wholeheartedly! I have never seen a Dad have so much loud, crazy fun as Pat when he's playing 'Tickle Monster' with his children. (I believe this insane game was invented in late 2006.)

2007-2008: One thing I've noticed this past year is that given the choice, Pat wants to hang out with me! (Don't get me wrong, he still does stuff with the guys - that's important, too.) He tells me I'm his best friend, and he really means it. And he's my best friend, too. Really, there's no one I'd rather spend my days with.

I love Pat's zany sense of humour, the way he can make me laugh when I'm feeling grouchy. I love his generosity to his friends and family. I love seeing how he adores his children and plays with them. I love his eyes, his smile, his laugh, his butt (heehee). But if I had to pick just one thing, I love his love. He pours out his love and commitment in everything he does. I feel it, know it, believe it. I am loved by my husband. And that is the best anniversary gift a girl could ever ask for!

Happy anniversary, honey. Thanks for loving me.


  1. What beautiful sentiments! You are indeed blessed!

  2. I am teary eyed! You are so blessed!! Happy Anniversary!

  3. OH MY GOSH!!!!!! You had a crush on your husband in highschool but didn't date until later?! So did I!!!! But we didn't date until 12 years after we first met!! I love that 102 list.... I wish we were neighbors.... I would run over for coffee right now.

  4. what a beautiful post. happy happy to you both!!

  5. Happy Anniversary...
    what a beautiful blog and tribute to the man you love so and who loves you just as much. The two of you are very very blessed

  6. First of all...we share the EXACT same weddding date...7/3/99...CRAZY stuff man! 9 years for us yesterday as well, though I never got my act together for a post.

    Happy Anniversary - beautiful post!


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