Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How Reassuring

I had an appointment today. You see, I have an unpleasant visitor called ACNE that will not go away. So the plan is to paste increasing amounts of acid on my face until acne packs up and moves out.

The lady doing my treatment was reassuring me as I got comfy in the chair-bed. "It really isn't bad. Lots of people feel kind-of anxious before, but it's just a bit uncomfortable. You'll feel a stinging, itching sensation."

Okay, no problem. I wasn't expecting it to feel like a facial. I can handle a bit uncomfortable. After all, I've birthed five children!

She continued to describe the procedure, "The first time I had a peel I thought maybe my face was burning off. But don't worry, it really isn't. It's just the acid eating down the top layer of skin and bacteria. And your face might be really red and tender for a couple days. But it's no big deal."

Um, might feel like my face is burning off?! This is what she tells me to get me relaxed? It really isn't that bad...face burning off...not my idea of a good time. This better work.

"By the way," she said, "you may break out really bad about the third day after. That's just your skin clearing out."


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